The greatest crime in GLOBAL history, GREATEST, without exception, is the fraud COVID pandemic, lockdowns & the vaccine; all of it was a pure lie, all of it; TRUMP was devastatingly MISLED! You were!

by Paul Alexander

It was all a lie, nothing about it is and was true and you took the shot and fell for it; I beg you, no more, none for your healthy children, none! You as parents will live to regret! We jail them all

I challenge CDC or NIH or FDA officials. Any one of them and certainly leadership, to debate me. Any time and place. Debate me on the fraud killer COVID injections. Bring your data.

It was a lie, all of it. It is difficult to wrap our heads around how much we fell for it. We trusted but it was a lie!

I challenge any CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Health Canada, PHAC, Njoo, Tam, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, anyone, any place, any time, bring your entire agencies with you, I will walk with me, McCullough, Risch, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Hodkinson, Ladapo, Wolf, and I want Tucker. We will meet, you bring thousands with you.

I guarantee not one of them will take this challenge. They cannot for they know the crimes they committed.

We never stop, we become the COVIDian hunters, like Nazi hunters, we be relentless, we get these people into courtrooms and many more of these people, I did not list all, and you investigate and if shown they caused lives to be lost, we take all their money, and jail them, jail each and anyone of them, and if a judge says we can hang them, we hang them too! High! Publicly. No one is to be spared, no matter you connections. No one. You must hang if you killed people by your actions. It is that simple.

We have our police, our military, our boarder agents, some of the best among us now vaccine injured and in time will die due to whats in them with these deadly shots. We punish the wrongdoers for this. We hang them for how damaged they have made our police and military, good people, brave, the best!

Politicians, MPs, senators, congresspeople, Prime Ministers, Presidents, anyone, MPPs, anyone a judge says deserves the death penalty for the lives they took. By their lockdown lunacy and fraud deadly gene injection therapy so called vaccine.

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