The HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA must be taken down to the very studs and fumigated; corrupted and now bogus, they do not stand for science or regulatory oversight; they sold us out to pharma, global interests

by Paul Alexander

They are OVER as they exist today and we must work to strip them down, fire all who are complicit and have done wrong in this pandemic, and get proper legal inquiry and jail all who did wrong, ALL!!!!

If wrong can be shown, we jail them. Not as simple as mea culpa…no no no. The wrongs done here wounds that scar the sky.

2022 is here and we as people must defy all mandates and be prepared to shut our governments down for this is INSANE! None of what they are doing is based on data or evidence; the HHS and CDC and NIH and FDA do not operate on the best evidence or science. None of it and it is incredible.

HHS is now bought and sold out and corrupted! Trump appointing Azar (Eli Lily head) as head of HHS really showed us the trouble we were in; but we did not understand it yet, this was NEVER a public health response, it was a money, political one, & HHS & alphabets failed us!!!!!!!!!! We can not depend on HHS or these alphabets to protect us, to safeguard our children…they are illogical, irrational, absurd and nonsensical, specious unscientific officials. They do not work in the best interest of the people…they are corrupt inept people serving their own interests, so we must understand that it is we who must take control of our lives and all of this and it is we who must now protect us. It is we the people who must protect us now!

This emergency pandemic response moved from being a public health response under Trump to a political one and remains so under Biden.

I have to say, and I speak from my heart here, raw.

POTUS’s Trump handling of the pandemic hurt him and fast…he lost support and for those who cannot accept that, well…he went from unstoppable Jan 2020 to impossible to win July 2020 and it was ONLY due to the devastating handling of the response. It was not him, he fought the Task Force, he tried, we knew, we saw, he did all he could but their roles was to undercut him and make him look incapable daily on the podium…early mistakes 1) allow Fauci and Birx to take control of the response and message for it was duplicity and lies daily by them and other members playing both sides for personal benefit and 2) he allowed the daily podiums…the way he did…yes, the nation needed accounting but it was a clown car…lead by Pence…recall, Obama shut it down 3 months in H1N1 2009, they knew they had to stop the daily show…they even stopped CDC et al. from reporting daily infections, hospitalizations etc.…everything Obama did in 2009 for good reason, Trump did opposite and it costed him for the messengers were there to defeat him…

It was told to me bluntly from well placed senior insiders “we are working to make the society seem unmanageable and ungovernable under him in this pandemic response and so very chaotic under him, only bad news we will deliver and will deliver good news as bad news to keep people scared and panicked and we are doing it daily, that you would get to the point to just want it to stop and to get back to normal life…this is the aim”

And this was done and he could not surmount this…too many were part of this daily scheme subverting him and undercutting him…

POTUS Trump is a good human being, I have no doubt, all I knew and saw and grew to know. I think a good argument can be made that he could have been the greatest. I do believe a good human being and really tried to fix this emergency presented to him. But he was badly failed by his advisors and those around him and the Task Force…Fauci and Birx damaged his response massively. They mortally wounded this response and he failed terribly by not firing them on the spot. I question today Pence leading the Task Force and who was put there. I am dismayed by Trump’s statements on the vaccines and he seems out of touch and not contemporary with the data on the serious side effects and that the vaccine is not working. I am really stunned.

The decision to not fire Fauci and Birx costed POTUS Trump the election for he lost support for his strongest supporters were dismayed by the sheer incompetence and corruption in the pandemic response and the loses in their lives by the policies imposed, all of which were ineffective and just imposed crushing harms. Yes, I do think people messed around with votes and to me in all elections there is monkey business here and there, maybe in this case a purposeful effort. Cannot say no.

I do think the ‘mail in’ is a corrupted scheme but I will not say he did not lose…I think he lost, just could not take it home but not by much…I was there and let me say this, in HHS we could see and I understand based on what was going on, that the he was in a deep hole June/July 2020…in Jan 2020 he was unstoppable…but I know he recoiled when Fauci and Birx told him to shut the economy and nation down for who would not? He was unstoppable romping to his primary and re-election yet now facing stopping the greatest economy in history. who could pull it off? with a media that was complicit and on the inside, the terms used were decisions by the media with the establishment to make the society seem unmanageable and ungovernable and so chaotic under him…that he could not manage the response…that was the aim and to use the flawed fake PCR test to do it, with the daily relentless reporting of infections and cases knowing that 95% were false positives and not actual infections…this is the sentence you must remember for this was the goal and they accomplished it:

To make the society seem unmanageable and ungovernable and so very chaotic under him, that you would get to the point to just want it to stop and to get back to normal life…this was the aim and this was done and he could not surmount this…to many were part of this daily scheme…

It was felt he could not win internally…for he lost major support and share this mail. he did. serious informed ‘in the know’ people told me…I am telling you now from the inside. It was over. the game of making it seem so unmanageable and incompetence in his handling was having an effect…I will never say who or discuss details for I cannot out of respect for the office and the confidentiality and I have to keep things confidential, classified. But we knew, based on what we needed to look at, even from my HHS vantage, that it was over. June/July 2020. He could not win. I am just writing freely for you here so you can understand.

I told my leadership if there is one person who could pull it off, it is him and he must go to the people even better than before. For the CDC and alphabets knew how potent he could be campaigning so were fooling around with bogus reports of increasing cases and limits to room size and that he cant rally and imposed capacity etc. I began writing to people and having discussions with my bosses who knew too, he had to then go outside. If they said no inside, he rally on the airport ramp immediately. He had to start now and he had to win this ‘person by person’, rally by rally and he did it…we were seeing it…I have to say how amazing it was and he took polls internally that had him done in July (and it was because people were outraged because of his pandemic response, the Task Force, his failure to fire them, the lockdowns, the deaths from suicide, business loss, no jobs etc.), to we were seeing rally by rally, him climbing out. POTUS Trump did something unreal. There is no one like him for down to the last rallies in Florida etc. and those Southern states. Day by day the internals were turning around and he was making his argument and I can tell you, we knew it was not done yet by September early he got back in striking distance and we could see a path…he turned it around, we saw the path back to WH and we knew as long as he could stay healthy, he could do it but we knew, and I am being honest, he was hobbled and support peeled off due to the pandemic response. So it would take down to the wire.

The alphabets were working against him, CDC, NIH etc. daily, and we were told on the inside they were, dark forces, and it was clear. and his strongest supporters felt pain and lost lots. But he was making his case like no one could and I would say this. Had he had 1 more week, he would have won. Fair and square. I think he lost legitimately even if you factor in bogus votes and corrupted votes. and it shows the power of him and what he did turning it around. he dug out of the hole and got in 1 point striking distance and was even up in some, but between the corruption of the mail in and the support he did lose, he could not seal it. yes, maybe if the mail in was not there and the corruption, he would have won purely but even then, it would have been a squeaker. he did lose support. You may not admit it but he did. not that people felt the pandemic was what it was made out to be, but because he failed to show the leadership in firing Fauci and Birx…it is that which hurt him…people loved and trusted him…but felt he was not law and order and failed to lead the pandemic response but moving Pence and Fauci et al. People knew how bogus lots of this was. and waited for him to fix it but he did not and it was a serious blunder and it cost him.

We knew July 2020 he was going to lose but we did not know he would get within a potential win position. so I have to say what he did was fascinating and the greatest comeback. so maybe we will find out the votes were stolen, maybe and then we will have to allow the powers like courts to fix that wrong. maybe they will not.

There is so much out there about conspiracies and whats in the jab and the motives and the underlying issues and some likely are true, we will come to learn, some nutty and outrageous, some a bit of both. I like to stick to the data and science first to understand and explain things.

In my mind wrong has been done here in this pandemic response, some nefarious, some out of pure ineptness and incompetence, some pure greed to milk this for money and even among those who seem trying to fix it…yes, there are dark nefarious people and nations who seek to damage the US and destroy it…

I think Trump was going to win 40 states at least Jan 2020, he was doing that good and there was so much confidence and support and really, what he accomplished in the final 2 years (as he had Paul ‘eunuch Benedict Arnold’ Ryan out) as his agenda was damaged the first 2, was unreal. He really did things for the nation and the minority population, for business, he really had set and was setting the US to retain its status and be that nation of good etc. I did see this and I am not interested in his past and who said what and even what he did and the like. I was judging based on what he was doing as POTUS.

But now we dont have Trump, and we have a major challenge on our hands for our civilization is at stake. We have to now stand up, cant depend on a few people like McCullough, me etc. writing and talking. We lost a lot, our names, careers, jobs, income to wage this fight for our children and the truth to be told as to the real data. It is now in your hands. We need your help. You have to write and talk…we have to stop what is being done here that will destroy humanity, this major move to silence us and blacklist us when we have the data.

We have to unite and only by massive numbers, not one or two, but by the millions must we peacefully march and protest and be prepared to shut the nations down. until they stop…yes, shut the US down…peacefully…not protest and go home for a month, no protest and shut it down. until they stop. peacefully, non-violence. only. it is in our numbers that we will be heard and this will end.

We must stand up and rise up now! peacefully. I do not support what took place January 6th in the capitol. That was wrong so you understand me. we are more powerful peacefully but by numbers (millions, tens of millions) and be prepared to literally put it all down, stop your work, everything, until it is stopped. until the dark forces stop. this is about the future of the world and the lives and safety of our children and their children. This battle and the rewards will outlive us but it is a battle we must be prepared to wage now! I am not smarter than you, I am broken and hobbled and imperfect and just a plain simple person. I see the wrongs and want people held accountable legally one day soon, sitting in a proper legal forum and punished who did wrong…completely, jailed if they must be for lives were lost here and children hung themselves with the closures.

But I think the US is the greatest nation. I love the blue, I love the police, the military. People who make sacrifices we cannot or do not.

We have a chance here but we must be prepared to stand up now! This is the greatest nation for good, and there is so much hope, so much possibility, so much goodness, so much to live for and look forward to.

Merry Christmas to everyone and yes, let us celebrate the holiday and our families and hold and kiss them without masks, hug and rub our faces together again, hold our mothers and fathers tight for the powers at be in Uncle Joe’s world want to stop that, so do it, prove them wrong, hold your families and friends and go visit and defy them, these corrupted technocrats, these faceless bureaucrats, these sick twisted absurd elitists…defy all of them, all that is illogical and unscientific. Always protect the vulnerable and high risk as we always do, yes, we have to, so do it again, but the rest of society, with early treatment, and good reasonable common sense and precautions, go on, live life free, open up, toss the useful masks, they never worked here, toss them, and get on with life for we lost much the last two years. Yes, protect the vulnerable and its not the governments role, it is ours and we do our best and the rest of low risk society live on as normal as possible. There is some urgency now, time to ‘get living’…I end by saying huge love and hugs and respect to you all and the very best 2022…