The Hill: 'A third of adults believe COVID-19 vaccines caused thousands of sudden deaths', issue is, they would be CORRECT & the death number is even higher; mRNA technology Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech

by Paul Alexander

gene based platform injection has killed, will kill, this is a bioweapon, slow kill almost binary type weapon; MUST be stopped! causes 'died suddenly', fraught with silent myocarditis, cardiac arrest

‘Belief in misinformation about key health issues persists among a good chunk of adults, with false claims about COVID-19, vaccines and reproductive health garnering a substantial amount of support, a poll released Tuesday by KFF has found.

Whether or not they believed the claims, nearly all participants in the survey were aware of the misinformation, with 96 percent saying they had heard at least one of the 10 claims presented to them. The most widespread misinformation claims had to do with COVID-19 and vaccines.

The new polling data found that a third of adults believed the COVID-19 vaccines “caused thousands of sudden deaths in otherwise healthy people,” with 10 percent believing that claim to be “definitely true” and 23 percent saying it was “probably true.” Another 34 percent said it was “probably false,” and 31 percent said that claim was “definitely false.”’