The IMMUNE system of an infant, child, teen today who is UNVACCINATED, of the young adult UNVACCINATED, that has withstood 3 years of this lockdown lunacy & fraud mRNA shot, is the PRIZE!

by Paul Alexander

That immune system must be guarded fully for if you can bottle it, the VACCINATED will pay any price to get what you now possess! Yes, you won! you won this battle, you critically thought it out!

I stand with you, with my unvaccinated self! I know what I have and what they lost! This is not gloating, no, this is out of sorrow, sadness. And this is why we have to help the VACCINATED and pivot them to support, to anything that could help them ride out the symptoms and ravages of the 24/7 spike protein being built inside of them; likely for the rest of their lives, over taxing and exhausting their immune system, the spike protein being hyper-inflammatory system wide.

We have companies like The Wellness Company ( and it’s Spike Recovery Support, offering options that may help as the science matures and clarifies on NATTOKINASE etc. People need options and this is no recommendation, this is just an option for your consideration. Note, no pregnant or breast feeding woman, no one on blood thinners or infant, child is to take anything without consult with your medical practitioner.