The inventors of the COVID mRNA technology gene injection knew that the vaccine would not stay in the deltoid-arm, then why did they stay silent? Why did they stay silent as the population was fooled?

by Paul Alexander

The mRNA technology-LNP complex could have never stayed in the arm. Why? It was designed to go all over the body, that is why it was encased in the LNP so they knew & kept silent; why? people died!

They knew the purpose of the LNP fatty ball was to take the mRNA payload all over the body, to all the lymph nodes possible e.g. spleen, groin, adrenals, liver, ovaries, testis, everywhere and anywhere that the dendritic cells could produce spike. They knew it would have drained into the lymphatic system and lymph drainage nodes (local). We did not need the initial Japanese biodistribution study to verify this. They knew and sat silent. Why? They will need answer this too in hearings as to why they allowed the population to be misled, and yes, will now come out and say they did not know or some BS crap as usual, but the history is there. The inventors of the mRNA technology injection have lots to answer for and will answer for it. People died and they are complicit, all of them. We will never ever forget and they will answer in proper forums. Bourla, Bancel, all those who played a role in inventing the mRNA technology, they all knew and sat silent, Şahin, all of them.

There is no absolving, they must answer in proper legal forums why they sat silent knowing that in the LNP complex it was designed to go everywhere to get at all the lymph nodes and their dendritic cells etc. They played God now want to cash in, hiding in plain sight. They know many thing but now its money, money, money only. Stories and money. Just bull shit stories and making money off of pain and suffering. You have fooled no one.