The key point is the double vaxed can get COVID just as easy as unvaxed; have viral loads similar to unvaxed; the double vaccinated can transmit same or more than unvaxed, 90% tested have natural Abs

by Paul Alexander

This is the science that is stable, unequivocal, there is no reason, no justification, no sound reason to keep these mandates or emergency declarations; I share a photo of on pickup

The response to the pandemic has caused more massive damage than the virus itself with unnecessary trauma and death; those who said, those scientists and doctors and public health officials who said vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity; this has and remains utter nonsense and garbage science. Pure junk science and they worked to mislead the public and policy developers for they all know natural immunity is way superior than vaccine immunity; your natural acquired immune response is to the complete virus, the full viral ball and proteins even inside the ball and spike and the immunity is life long, even up to 100 years we have data on.

The key issues really were articulated well by Drs. Dan Stock and Bhakdi. Remember, the vaccine to the deltoid muscle drive antibodies (Abs) response (mainly) but its the circulating IgG Abs in the blood but not in the airway spaces or lungs. The question is where do you get optimal protection from the virus? Where? Well, as so well said by Bhakdi, the Abs cannot get to the mucosal lining/barrier where they are needed (nasopharyngeal and oral and URT environments). The IgGs are in low concentrations in your airways or lungs. When you inhale the respiratory COVID virus, where you will see and encounter it, the response is the IgM and IgA secretory Abs. These are released to deal with virus and pathogen entering from the air. So the vaccine Abs cannot handle this virus coming in from the air, the mucosal lining/layer/barrier. So this explains why the vaccinated upper airways are not protected.

The UK and Scottish data show us clearly that the vaccinated are getting infected (double vaccinated), and getting sicker, and dying. Even the triple vaccinated. The duration of protection is very short and the more you vaccinate the more the protection decreases. You dramatically escalate your risk of becoming infected with vaccine and raise the risk of ADE and original antigen sin. The more you vaccinate with the COVID vaccines (repeated vaccines), the more you damage the immune system. We even have data from UK to show that if infected post vaccine, the natural immunity response (N-protein) is impacted and reduced. The vaccine, these vaccines are damaging the natural immune response.