The last 3 years will be recalled by our children as the most catastrophic devastating moral & public health failure of our lifetime; 100% of COVID pandemic was a fraud lie, virus to vaccine, all of

by Paul Alexander

it; not one COVID lunatic policy can be defended by data and science & it is imperative that we hold each and every scientist, doctor, health official, govn official to account in proper tribunals

All who brought the COVID fraud and prolonged it and benfitted in any way, we investigate and if shown via proper courts, we strip them of money and we imprison them, even friends of yours. It is the only way to heal what monstrosity was done. Those in Trump administration to Biden administration. Let none escape. We have too many police, military, border agents, nurses, even judges COVID vaccine injured and who may pay a life price in time due to the wrongful vaccine mandates. We warned governments.

The mRNA technology based gene injections via Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. have brought us death and they too must be held to account. We need answers. Full.