The left, democrats, RINOs, deepstate, DC swamp filth, China, Iran etc., all the players fear (feared) Trump ('45') for he stood up to them raping & stealing America & destroying her! Trump loves US

by Paul Alexander

pure election interference as no way Biden got 80 million certifiable votes, the fraud NON pandemic (PCR false positive driven pandemic) via planted Fauci, Birx, Azar was to topple Trump; they did!

This is why we stand by him and help him fight and we re-install him to his rightful place to finish off what he started; and we ensure and hold his feet, that he punishes them all, takes DC and the alphabets and especially health agencies like CDC and HHS and FDA, down to the studs, and relocate them to Alcatraz and 300 miles north of Anchorage Alaska. All agenices, move them all out of DC, so McLean’s home prices will crater too, this is where the greatest thieves in America reside…McLean.

The rest on the stage for debate are clowns to me, babies in an adult world. Trump is theor daddy. Trump is not perfect, and has issues, but he is the best we have got and from what I know, is better than most and will protect America and this rounds, he wants vengeance and I love it!

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