The link between California’s Newsom 4th failed mRNA vaccine and unvaccinated Los Angeles teens being prevented from attending graduation: how much more lockdown lunatic pressure can our young take?

by Paul Alexander

I argue there is a direct link between the lockdown and school closure lunacy implemented by Fauci and Birx, CDC, NIG, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel etc. and young people gun violence

Why are the lockdown lunatics continuing to do this to us? To our young people. Not too long ago, Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone and myself (Dr. Paul Alexander) wrote two recent op-eds that raised the link between the recent 2022 deranged evil behavior of American teens and the ravages of the past two years of lockdowns and school closures. Yes, we are putting ourselves out there daring to say what we think is happening and has happened, in that by COVID restrictions and forced vaccine mandates threatening liberty, freedom, rights, dignity, humanity, decision-making, and hope, we have eviscerated the world of our young persons, many who were already vulnerable.

We simply cannot try to walk off and pretend we did not have a heavy precipitating role in the surging mass shootings that are emerging (TOPS grocery Buffalo and Uvalde Elementary school Texas). Yes, I just said this. I linked the mass shootings to the COVID lockdowns and school closures and mask mandates. I argue that the lockdowns and school closures implemented by Fauci and Birx in the Trump administration and continued on in the Biden administration, have set the nation’s vulnerable youth afire. I even argue across all ages. But why did they do this to us when we knew very early on that there was a potent age-risk stratification for COVID (March 2020, The LANCET, Verity et al.) and that there was thousands fold increased risk of severe outcome (CDC data) in older persons than in young children and persons. We knew that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome, yet disregarded this in any lunatic decision making. We knew this one month out, in April 2020.

The data emerged one month after lockdown lunacy began in early 2020 (very clear and stable data) yet the policy makers and lockdown lunatic governments and their COVID Task Force (federal/provincial/state/city) advisers (in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.) did not pay attention to the data or us. They extended the restrictions and even hardened them and with catastrophic consequences. They disregarded the focused protection (the Great Barrington Declaration) we wrote and preached about. Why?

We had Francis Collins of the NIH and Anthony Fauci of the NIAID conspiring to slander and smear and discredit experts like Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, and Gupta. Why? When all of their COVID polices were flat wrong and complete failures! They and the legacy media were going after contrarians and skeptics like Tucker of Brownstone, Alexander, Atlas, Risch, McCullough, Oskoui, Wolf, Makary, Tennenbaum, Ladapo, Urso, Gold, Berenson, Ballan, Todaro, Sass, Kheriaty, Cole, Kory, Marik, Amerling, Malone, Zelenko, Dara, Littel, Bridle, Trozzi, Ardis, Rogers, Bernstein, Weinstein, Tyson, Hudson, Bigtree, Cummins, Prasad, Joseph Watson, Kerpen, Rose, Lawrie, Jenny Beth Martin, Kirsch, Gill, Fitton, Ingraham and Carlson of FOX News etc. Smearing and slandering us.

Not one lockdown, school closure, business closure, church closure, shelter-in-place order, stay-at-home-order, not one travel ban or restriction, not one mask mandate, not one banning of social events, not one, no banning of social gatherings, no social distancing rule, no mass testing or no mass quarantine, none, nothing, there is not one example anywhere in the entire world that any of this worked to mitigate the transmission of pathogen in COVID or reduce deaths. None! All policies and edits were complete failures! (see here, here, here, here).

These unconstitutional and unprecedented restrictions have taken a staggering toll on our health and well-being and also targeted the very precepts of democracy; particularly given the fact that this viral pandemic was no different in overall impact on society than many previous pandemics. 

There was simply no defensible rationale to treat this pandemic any differently. Societies lost three things during COVID: 1) lives due to the virus itself, principally among the high-risk aged vulnerable, 2) devastatingly, lives due to the lockdown and school closure policies as collateral damage, and 3) our liberties, freedoms, and rights

Our dignity and humanity are abused when governments take our rights via emergency powers. We must fight this in the courts, peacefully, civilly, and legally, but fight we must to re-establish our rights and liberties. 

We (Alexander, Risch, Bhattacharya) have written that it is urgent now that the pandemic emergency be declared over! There is no basis. There was no reason to lock down, constrain and harm ordinarily healthy, well, and younger or working-age members of the population irreparably in the first place and continually; the very people who would be expected to and would have extricated us from this factitious nightmare and helped us survive the damages caused by possibly the greatest self-inflicted public health fiasco ever promulgated on societies. 

I now want to draw your attention to a recent set of events in California (Los Angeles) to show you the direct link and maybe table this up in plain view so you can understand what Tucker and I have written. The violation of the social contract is now causing devastating consequences. We argue it is in plain view now and unfolding and the discussion must expand urgently to the greater societal and mental health devastations, the isolation, the loss of moral core, the loss of decision-making, the sense of hopelessness in the future, that the lockdowns have had. Our COVID policy makers did this with the governments and legacy media.

We moved to even directly and indirectly threaten violence against anyone for daring to engage socially with each other, who chose to open their businesses and schools, and who chose to live their lives making reasonable common sense precautionary decisions as they saw fit. Despite the lockdown lunatic governments have zero evidence across two years that any of their wicked policies worked!

Case in point. I now tie and link the failed mRNA vaccine to unscientific punitive sanctions on the nation’s young persons (in fact all persons) and ask the question: have we driven our young people (functional and vulnerable ones) to deranged (and at times evil) behavior by the nonsensical, illogical, irrational, unsound, specious draconian punitive sanctions that hurt them and further isolate and dehumanize and relegate them? Decisions that have no basis yet punishing them for questioning and deciding to make their own informed decision.

Let us examine this link.

We got news that California’s Governor Gavin Newsom got his 4th COVID mRNA injection, his 2nd booster, reported to us on May 18th 2022. “Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom visited a clinic in Bakersfield to receive his second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.” (Governor Gavin Newsom gets COVID booster shot as cases begin to rise.

Newsom then went on to tweet on May 27th 2022 or so (approximately 9 days post 4th shot/2nd booster), that he has now gotten COVID, has developed symptoms, and sung the praises to the vaccine. He also advised he had started the Pfizer drug Paxlovid.


This one tweet by Newsom raises some very urgent questions for the public, certainly Californians, and our youth. Why? Well:

1)It revealed that the mRNA COVID vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna has failed. We knew this but Newsom is now confirming this. He had 4 shots yet got infected.

2) He developed symptoms and this is very risky for him for the UK and Scottish etc. data shows us that the 2nd and 3rd shot in persons 50 and older can result in infection, but also increased hospitalization and death.

3) It shows us the fraud of what the CDC did with the redefining of the what being ‘vaccinated’ was. For if we went by the CDC and NIH and Fauci and Collins and Bourla and Walensky and Bancel etc., Newsom would still not be vaccinated until he is 14 days or so post the jab. Even if he had 4 shots. This is how and why they did this re-definition of ‘vaccinated’ to place these post shot infections and symptoms and even deaths in the ‘unvaccinated’ bucket so the duplicitous so called COVID ‘experts’ and governments could go on media and tell you this is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’, when it was a pandemic of the vaccinated.

4) Newsom is pushing a Pfizer drug called Paxlovid that we know causes rebound COVID. The CDC has now issued a HAN (Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory) on this drug. A drug based on one study, small sample size so undersized and of short duration of follow-up so that you could not detect any safety signals. Deliberately in my opinion. In short, Newsom does not even trust the mRNA vaccine, his 4th shot to give him any protection. He rushed to take Paxlovid, it in itself problematic.

5) Yet I tie the above 4 points and Newsom’s infection post 4th mRNA shot to the devastation we have placed on our society and in this op-ed, I am referring to our young people. I tie it to the lockdowns and school closures and mask mandates that have potentially pushed vulnerable youth to commit unspeakable evil depraved crimes (the recent mass shootings). Yes, I refer even to the recent mass shootings. I refer to the resulting isolation and punishings and stripping of any decision-making during the last two years. Ex cathedra high priestess top-down dictates ‘or else’!

We now have the Los Angeles (LA) county banning (restricting) unvaccinated LA students from their graduation ceremony. Why? When they see the governor having 4 shots and still being infected and getting sick. When they have witnessed many in the media for one year now get infected post shot and getting sick and many reports of deaths post vaccine. CDC’s very on VAERS vaccine adverse event reporting database is clear on this. “A high school in Los Angeles County is prohibiting unvaccinated students from participating in their graduation ceremony, according to reports.”

When we have the CDC reporting that “as of February 2022, approximately 75% of children and adolescents had serologic evidence of previous infection with SARS-CoV-2”. This same CDC report also stated that in persons 12 to 17 years old in the US, over the very same examination period (December 2021–February 2022), the seroprevalence of anti-N antibodies was 74.2%. Then it is highly likely, near 100% by now as of this writing (May 29th 2022) that these teens would have natural exposure acquired-adaptive immunity, so why demand the vaccine with punitive measures if they say no and decide to op-out?

Imagine, our youth have done their due diligence by going to school, completing their courses and earning their right to graduate, yet, because of their informed and smart decision to not take an unsafe and ineffective mRNA vaccine, they are being barred from celebrating and being publicly recognized for their academic achievements. They are being punished for taking a stance against the ludicrousness that is being flaunted in their face: they are being told to take the vaccine even though the Governor has taken 4 shots, got COVID, and is seeking treatment. The pressures that are being placed on our youth are insurmountable for many. Some are acting out in vile, callous, and abhorrent ways. The scary part is when will this end?

How many more innocent lives have to suffer? Will life ever return to the ‘old normal’?  This Newsom-no graduation situation makes no sense and tells us everything we needed to know about all that is wrong about the last 2 years of lunatic COVID policies. We better take a close look at this insanity for we have done a good job at seemingly breaking the minds of our young people during 2 years of lockdown lunacy. It has to stop! Is there a link? I say so.