The mass shootings now are not a gun control 2nd amendment issue; this has to do with the devastation of the Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins lockdowns & school closures & isolation & mental health

by Paul Alexander

In backdrop of lockdowns breaking predictable rituals of life, also broken families, fatherlessness, opioid abuse, use, prescribing, weed, SSRIs prescribing, broken schools & religion, mental illness

Do not make the shootings a pure gun control issue or one to impact on lawful law abiding people’s rights. To defend themselves too. Do not make this only about politics.

To me, the mental illness is top most in this debate but in the midst of the lockdowns, this was an unholy alliance that devastated our people to the point where our young adults were (became deranged or even were at some prior level of mental instability) able to act out their evil tendencies (even if did not have them, developed them during the isolation of lockdowns and school closures and there was no one around to ‘monitor’ or flag them), our young people, ripped away the predictable rituals of life that usually binded and stabilized them, isolating people from their key supports and friends, kept away from the key people in their lives that usually validate their self worth…these are the issues…and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Yes, IMO, the Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins lockdowns & school closures and isolation devastated our societies and I feel strongly that it is intertwined with the mass shootings now. Cannot separate it and we must be brave enough to have a discussion.

Do not touch the 2nd! This IMO is not gun control. Yes, the gun is being used but we have enough laws on the books.

Our children and grand children will call on us one day and ask "did you fight for me, what did you do"? In that crazy COVID era and vaccines madness, did you fight for us? You will need to answer that, but for to me, this is where we hold them and wage our greatest battle…this is our ‘hot gates’….