The medical doctor, your clinician, our doctors are the reason we are in the catastrophic mess we are in; they stood by and they joined in with the government to allow/call for lockdowns and vaccine

by Paul Alexander

Our losses is because of the doctor who for money, for grant, for job security; they worked with governments all over the world to allow the govn to do this bastardly on us, to bring the vaccine

Doctors would come together and bind in their group to get salary increase and benefits, yes, they will come together to strike for what they needed, as their right, they would leverage their group power, and here, never ever in history were they needed as now, and now they bailed and sold us out…for money…money whores, yes, our doctors and academic scientists are money whores to the pharmaceuticals and vaccine developers like Pfizer etc. And they do not know yet, we have no respect or regard for them anymore…we know what they did. Whatever special place they had in society, is gone! The medical doctor did this to themselves, in tandem with the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and the State Licensing Boards.