The mistake made by the vaccine developers was targeting the spike glycoprotein (mutable) & not the stable internal proteins that do not mutate readily e.g. nucleocapsid etc.; I say it was deliberate

by Paul Alexander

That they would bring a non-sterilizing vaccine (non-neutralizing Abs) that did not stop infection or transmission, that had one target that was highly mutable, & rolled out DURING the pandemic?

If you wanted me to create a vaccine (in this case an injection or inoculation or gene delivery platform) that would keep the epidemic-pandemic ongoing for 100 years and which would drive the variants (infectious) with a potential highly virulent lethal one arising, and one that could cause harms and deaths across time, then I would, if I were a vaccine developer (which I am not), develop this exact mRNA COVID Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. I would change nothing. And deliver it into the muscle where the immune response (deltoid and systemic) is not needed; I would bypass the nasopharyngeal mucosal layer/lining/barrier and underlying tissue where the proper immune response is needed as this is where the respiratory virus lands and hangs out. I would not bring a nasal spray type of inoculation. No no no, I would do as I have done now, which is create sheer catastrophic failure with an injection by Pfizer that has shown it self to be ineffective and not properly safe. This injection is likely the greatest public medical health disaster in history, only to be outdone by the Francis Collins, Fauci, and Birx devastating harmful and killing lockdowns and school closures.

I pray nightly for our police and military that were mandated these for there is the high likelihood they could be harmed and may die (how many I do not know as a result of the vaccine, and front line people and all who took it) into the future. Autoimmune disease is coming.

Jp2mri ‘Notwithstanding that current COVID-19 vaccines are morally-tainted, real-world experience has also shown that current vaccines suffer from serious adverse reactions; lack robust and durable efficacy; and do not prevent viral transmission. While the pandemic has started to wane, there is general agreement that COVID-19 will transition towards an endemic infection. It is clear that gene therapies that deliver the “spike protein” pose several problems- these subunit vaccines lack durability; cannot prevent viral transmission; induce biological pressure for the virus to mutate and become drug resistant; and, in some cases, increase the severity of an infection. Real world experience has also shown that those who recover from COVID-19 exhibit more robust and durable immunity; protect themselves from severe re-infection; and reduce viral transmission.’ Jp2mri (Moy et al.)