The OMICRON variant is infecting vaccinated persons, but it is NOT due to virus but due to the non-neutralizing Abs binding to the spike & not sterilizing/neutralize but enhancing/facilitate infection

by Paul Alexander

You must look at what is happening now with the mRNA COVID injection taking the non-neutralizing Abs role in facilitating infection in the vaccinated person

If we do not cut the chain of transmission with this vaccine, we cannot get to population level herd immunity; we will never ever get there and the pandemic will never end, 100 years it will continue and Fauci and Bourla know this; if we continue to exert immune pressure on the RBD of the spike and do not sterilize the virus, then there will be selection to overcome the sub-optimal pressure.

This now is about boosters forever; in time, we fear that the immune pressure from the non-neutralizing Abs will cause selection pressure that will select for the virus ability to transfect deep in the lungs and the lack of severity we see now due to omicron, we will end up having people getting very severely ill from Omicron…the variant will get around the non-neutralizing Abs, thus do not be fooled by the lack of severity at this time…it can get very deadly. The virus is trying to figure this out as we speak.

Geert VB explains it this way:

“We were putting immune pressure on essentially the RBD of the spike protein. When the neutralizing capacity of the vaccinal Abs diminishes, then the affinity of the non-neutralizing Abs become stronger and can more strongly bind to their epitope; how it typically works is that the neutralizing Abs bind to spike and there is a conformational change that prevents the non-neutralizing Abs from binding to their epitopes; but if the neutralizing Abs only weakly bind or dont bind to the spike, then there is no conformational change and the non-neutralizing Abs can bind and find their epitopes…researchers show the non-neutralizing Abs focuses on an antigenic site in the N-terminal domain (and not the RBD, a different part of the spike) that is conserved in all variants”

Reference here: Longitudinal study of a SARS-CoV-2 infection in an immunocompromised patient with X-linked agammaglobulinemia

para “Every time you get exposed and re-infected to omicron, the non-neutralizing Abs will get boosted and these non-neutralizing Abs are directed to the antigenic site in the N-terminal domain (epitopes) based on the above research and this is exactly what is preventing severe disease…we are putting this under tremendous pressure and not eliminating the virus and the virus will find a way to come around the immune pressure for if you cannot sterilize the virus as in a normal natural pandemic (after the wave begins, those with intact INNATE and natural acquired come into eliminate/sterilize the virus)…there is no way around this, to also induce resistance (overcomes the immune pressure and thus develops resistance) against the non-neutralizing Abs that target this conserved antigenic site within the N terminal domain…mutations can easily overcome this”.

Geert talks too about sugars that coat the virus (40%) called ‘glycans’ that also plays a strong role and I will deal with this separately (but plays a role in the dual challenge of the non-neutralizing Abs and the increased infectiousness in the URI yet low severity in the LRT).

Bottom line and trying to explain Geert, is that we are in trouble if we continue with this non-neutralizing injection, it is catastrophic as it is driving variants that can be deadly.