The only concern & it is a real one, I have with China's Xi's failed ZERO-COVID lockdown madness, is if infections surge (as will likely if he eases up) & they go to the mRNA COVID gene shot, then the

by Paul Alexander

world will be in trouble; on that massive scale, that mass vaccination using that fraud vaccine & rushing will not allow 'full affinity' maximal binding capacity to be attained, will drive variants

Xi is in real political trouble for what he did here with ZERO COVID lockdown lunacy. He harmed his population alike how the US and Canada and UK harmed theirs. Make no mistake, US and Canada decimated its populations in ways you will see in time. There are aspects that will never recover from the lockdown lunacy.

China locked down too long and too hard and tight and denied their population the needed background natural immunity to handle the virus so at this time, its population is one mass of ‘susceptibles’.

The issue is how China handles this next will impact the world. And could be catastrophic.

Now IMO Xi could be toppled if what is being said is true for this is his ZERO-COVID madness. Yet I do not trust or believe anything coming out of China.

But, riddle me a bit and let us assume it is true, then the world will be in trouble for 2 reasons if infections surge in China to the tens of millions if not hundreds of millions:


1)the supply chains will be cut

2)but key is if China decides to use the mRNA gene injection and go nuts with mass vaccination as the entire population is infected and rapidly, then the mass vaccination with high infectious pressure will do what was done globally, that is, drive infectious variants to emerge and what happens in China will not stay in China. The vaccine induced antibodies would not be allowed to reach full binding affinity, maximal binding capacity that could sterilize/neutralize the virus. This is disastrous for it will place the virus under pressure but not stop infection, replication, or transmission. Thus selection pressure will dominate. Be warned, if China explodes with infection and they mass vaccinate rapidly across all age-groups using the fraud gene injection platform, we, the rest of the world could be in trouble with infectious variants and a potentially lethal one emerging.

China must:

1)open up in full, no lockdowns or school closures and all the full rest of society to live free lives to be exposed and infected naturally and harmlessly

2)protect the vulnerable and elderly'; ensure cohort nursing etc. and old aged homes nurses to work only at one place; sequester nurses to remain if there is outbreaks until it is tamped down

3)use early treatment massively (early treatment and chemoprophylaxis), consult our protocols; NO mass vaccination

4)use vitamin D3

5)ventilate homes; air them out

6)use nasal oral rinses with povidone-iodine 10% or hydrogen peroxide or similar as the virus is in the nasal and oral cavities

7)proper PSAs to take reasonable commonsense precautions

8)do not under any condition vaccinate young children, teens, young people who are healthy with these gene injections

This is a 50,000 foot level and not minutia, just a quick sharing.