The police who responded to the Texas Uvalde shooting should all be fired! All! They are no different IMO than the doctors who stood by and allowed millions to die in COVID with NO early treatment

by Paul Alexander

They are no different that the doctors and scientists and medical experts who pushed the failed fake ineffective and harmful mRNA vaccines on the population; failures and all to be fired!

Active shooting, you had to act! This was not negotiating.

I detest CNN reporter ethics and reporting but I give them praise and I know its to go at the guns etc., I know that, but what we want is the truth and balance here and FOX is twisting to downplay…reprehensible. Judge Jeanine on FOX was impeccable yesterday. I cannot understand that there were police INSIDE the building as per reporting, even if they took fire, with the shooter, and hundreds outside, and they waited one hour as kids were killed? Come on, something makes no sense. You do not stand by when something can be done. Doctors played a role in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the US by refusing to use early treatment…we estimate 90% of those who died would be alive today had early treatment been used.

These police did same. I cannot hide my view. Doctors are there to save lives yet failed to treat patients early and caused deaths and pushed and gave dangerous untested vaccines and worked with governments to punish people who did not want it; same here, police are here to save lives but this went oh so wrong. Police have a lot of explaining here. This is all based on the information we are getting in the media so I am uncomfortable also and at this time we do not know what is fact or fiction too but the videos are devastating. So we have to wait for all the details. But based on what we know, all these police are to be fired!