The real question is how badly have we damaged the natural INNATE and natural acquired adaptive immune systems with these vaccines; the VACCINATED must now ask govns the hard question: who will pay?

by Paul Alexander

It's not the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated who have been badly damaged by these vaccines, at risk of infection, hospitalizations, and death; we may have doomed their immune systems

That they would willingly take it out of fear, threat of no job, social consciousness, civic duty etc., threats that you had to take a failed vaccine so that you could put bread on the table…this is the key issue and now that it is clear the vaccines have failed terribly and are so ineffective and even harmful, someone has to pay the vaccinated…the vaccinated need justice for this crime, for I fear many have been harmed and will be harmed in time due to the vaccine that is in them.

Take Austria as an example, we see infections, cases, and the death curve on the march, Austria being one of the most vaccinated nations globally, and most restrictions etc., most mandates. So what has happened here?