The reckless inventors of mRNA technology Karikó & Weissman et al. told us about the hell they were unleashing here: 'Incorporation of Pseudouridine Into mRNA Yields Superior Nonimmunogenic Vector

by Paul Alexander

with Increased Translational Capacity and Biological Stability'; found that mRNAs containing pseudouridines have a higher translational capacity than unmodified mRNAs

These ‘inventors’ knew what they invented and unleashed onto the world, it was never good, it was never safety tested, it was always dangerous and with the lipid-nano particile complex, was primed to deliver death to humanity.

It has.

‘The delivered mRNA and the encoded protein could be detected in the spleen at 1, 4, and 24 hours after the injection, where both products were at significantly higher levels when pseudouridine-containing mRNA was administered. Even at higher doses, only the unmodified mRNA was immunogenic, inducing high serum levels of interferon-α (IFN-α).’

‘These findings indicate that nucleoside modification is an effective approach to enhance stability and translational capacity of mRNA while diminishing its immunogenicity in vivo. Improved properties conferred by pseudouridine make such mRNA a promising tool for both gene replacement and vaccination.’