The Red Cross didn’t have any more spare blood? If U.S. officials HAD tested that first tranche of Red Cross blood by latter February 2020, the lockdowns should NOT have happened. The results

by Paul Alexander

of that study showed beyond a reasonable doubt that this virus had been spreading in America by at least November 2019. Lockdowns were NEVER needed, at most 1-2 weeks to get firm grasp, but NONE!

Bill Rice Jr. does a masterful job here trying to make the case as per title. He is saying that lockdowns marketed to “slow” or “stop” the “spread” of this virus could not have achieved that objective. It was not needed and the virus or whatever it was had already breached the US and was spreading (or maybe even escaped from within the US?). What happens if we learnt it escaped from within the US?

It must also be true that plenty of “archived” blood samples from throughout the country were available for testing (and the Red Cross is not the only organization that serves as a blood bank for hospitals).


In the face of a national emergency, it would seem odd if all of these organizations presented  serious objections to some of their stored blood being “repurposed” for important research.

If two tranches of blood were donated for science, couldn’t other tranches of Red Cross blood have similarly been donated? Why was no Red Cross blood collected before December 13th tested for antibodies? Why was blood collected and tested from only nine states? Why not all 50 states? Why wasn’t blood from the same locations tested two or three weeks later (or from earlier dates) … or two months later to see if the percentage of positives might be increasing?

The public doesn’t know the answer to any of these questions and apparently no reporter asked officials these questions.

And misery and carnage ensued because this intentional decision was made. The world was turned upside down based entirely on evidence that was intentionally concealed from the public.

What words.

Here is Bill Rice Jr’s substack on this question worth the read, excellent scholarship and I have reprinted his work as you see here and feel that it is excellent.

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