The Red Flag laws & Safe Act did not work in New York, failures! Blacks in New York need gun laws relaxed so that they can own guns too, as too many are in the inner & cities; would have saved lives

by Paul Alexander

Would have been nice if blacks were armed in that Buffalo, TOPS and would have taken out the shooter, it is time to allow ownership in inner cities, minorities are at disadvantage

I am for the death penalty in this situation and no, I am not for forgiving due to mental illness if that is used here as I am not Jesus…I want vengeance for this in the court with swift justice, death penalty. And all families and friends must witness.

I am for a free safe society and world but it is not that way, and until we redress and fix the societal ills, we need to give vulnerable people a chance…so allow blacks in inner cities to be armed and end the Safe Act and Red Flag, it does not work, there are ways to get around this.

Go apply for your license and get your firearms and learn to shoot safely and store it safely and yes, do not play around with it, and do not touch it unless there is the threat of imminent death, use maximal deadly force if your life or family is threatened, only then. But it is right that these insane city laws like in NY get gutted. And this was a race hit, so call it as it is. Same as if a black killed whites etc. Point is it has to stop but stop bull shitting with the language and the media.