The return of INFLUENZA signals end of the pandemic; 'VIRAL INTERFERENCE'; exchange with my colleague (expert) confirms this and I wished to share; this is a credible phenomenon; applies to flu here

by Paul Alexander

Truth is the pandemic is OVER, and if the politicians will not let it go, we have to take it back from them and end this; we need to say STOP IT! and we go on with our lives, leave those idiots behind

This phenomenon of ‘viral interference’ or viral displacement (not well understood by the scientific community) IMO is very credible and explains what happened to flu these last 2 years…it was simply displaced by COVID virus…

No, it was not lockdowns, or masks, or social distancing, or any of those failed COVID lockdown lunatic polices else they would have stopped COVID…it could not stop flu yet allow COVID…that was absurd…

It basically means that if a population is infected (well, even a person) with a virus, it can temporarily displace infection with another virus. Experts argue this can happen with variants too and we see this in COVID, one variant displacing another. Would you not agree? Almost as if infection with one virus prohibits infection with the other and as if one virus nails the door shut while it is on the scene. It marks its territory so to speak. I find this fascinating.

Experts also explain that displacement or interference occurs during the year as we are faced with over 200 respiratory viruses that are competing for position. To infect us. Thus this theory may explain why we are hit with only several at a time and with one being dominant as we will not be able to handle more than one.

Experts suggest that in such situations, the return of a formally displaced virus signals the dominance of the prior displacing one is over, and signals the end. In our case, can we say that the return of influenza will mark the end of the COVID officially? Let us wait and see when flu returns to the US, Canada, UK etc. I am going to read lots on this to better understand for it is fascinating and may well explain what we encountered.

These studies below on viral interference are particularly informative and I share. There are also 3 graphs below showing when influenza returned in India and Brazil and South Africa and it did when the Delta wave was at its lowest (declining) and even before Omicron. When flu returned, India as an example, had reached, we argue, herd immunity with lots of natural immunity. S Africa is very fascinating for it seems that flu is co-existing with Omicron (no displacement of either); very interesting and it may be that both are similarly very benign and mild and so can co-exist??? More study and discussion on this.

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