The Robert Malone 'mRNA technology' based COVID gene injection vaccine has killed thousands, harmed millions, it is time Dr. Robert Malone be called to testify, to answer questions from people like me

by Paul Alexander

Not from stooges but from those harmed, from scientists & doctors wanting to ask i) why have you not given any information how to stop mRNA effects ii)why silence about injection site when a lie?

If mRNA technology is the core of the COVID gene injections, then it is the Robert Malone injection vaccine and we must call it for what it is. Why? Because we want answers from the ‘inventor’. No more shows. Regardless of the lipid-nano particle (LNP) delivery platform which is itself very toxic and deadly, the mRNA technology has shown itself to be toxic and deadly. It failed in every way and you yourself said in January 2020

“Safety testing of COVID-19 S protein-based B cell vaccines in animal models is strongly encouraged prior to clinical trials to reduce risk of ADE upon virus exposure.” You also said “This leads to the prediction that new attempts to create either SARS-CoV-1 vaccines70, MERS-CoV vaccines71, or SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have potentially higher risks for inducing ADE in humans facilitated by antibody infection of phagocytic immune cells. This potential ADE risk is independent of the vaccine technology72 or targeting strategy selected due to predicted phagocytic immune cell infections upon antibody uptake”

These are just some of the troubling things you wrote in January 2020. Maybe I am not understanding what you wrote so can you help explain it.

Yet these are your words in January 2020. Why did you not tell the public that you knew your mRNA technology was dangerous and MUST NEVER be used. Why? Do you want me/us to believe you that you in fact took the gene injection? I find it hard to believe based on your own writing. You made your vaccine use public so it is public, I make a public response to it. I do not believe you took it. Scientist to scientist.

Why did you not tell the public strongly about this paper you had registered in pre-print and what you already knew about mRNA technology, your technology? The danger of it. Scientist to scientist, I demand an answer. I ask you directly.

And so you must answer as to why you remained silent on what you said in January 2020, when this injection was being promoted and rolled out. You knew of the dangers. You knew it was deadly and was never ever to be used, you knew the risks of the mRNA technology, you knew of the devastating effects of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and of disease (ADED) due to the mRNA technology you invented, you said so yourself, your own technology you invented, in any vaccine. You said so. Certainly not until tested and it never was tested.

The language needed from you never came, and I and many want to know why. You became famous and people donated money and give you attention and pay for your substack touting ‘I am the inventor’ and so you have many questions to answer. This paper above shows the questions you must answer.

Testing was never going to fix this mRNA technology and that statement by you was incomplete and actually misguided. If something is deadly to start, no amount of testing would fix that. It just was never ever to be used in any manner. You never said that to the public. Why were you silent as they promoted this gene injection and brought it? Why were you silent that the mRNA must leave the injection site for you knew it. You allowed the CDC to go unanswered by the likes of you and thousands took the shot believing the CDC and died. Had you said the CDC was lying about staying in injection site, many would have not taken it. Why were you silent?

Many questions we have Dr. Malone. As my friend in the fight, you have answered none. Told us about things we are not interested in. Interesting, but of no interest.

I have respect for you but you take to the public space to promote you and even attack people, smear them etc. So I am using the same to ask you to meet, to discuss issues around the Robert Malone ‘mRNA technology’ gene based injection vaccine built by Pfizer and Moderna. As you say or they say ‘your baby’. That you know all about the mRNA technology. O.K. I will meet you any day and time, you and me with many people around, live, for me to ask you questions about your mRNA technology as it relates to the gene injections.

We have been subjected to so many lies by our governments and alphabet health agencies and health officials on COVID, from lockdowns to vaccines (gene injections). The public needs answers. Full, complete. No more games from anyone. No lies. No spin.


The Robert Malone 'mRNA technology' based COVID gene injection vaccine is one of the most devastating developments of the 21st century and he must be asked the proper questions that have been avoided thus far by all, or ‘certain’ people. Inconvenient and troubling, but they must be asked. This has become a game, a money making game, a ‘get rich’ scheme off of hurting donors seeking answers, a self-congratulating perverse scheme IMO, a social affair, and the right questions and investigations are not being done. Does not matter that we are colleagues and spoke on stage together and spoke highly of each other prior and took photos with each other etc. No. I waited. I do like you Dr. Malone and I have some serious questions to ask that can clarify and clear up some things.

It is time we stopped the games of parades and shows and interviews and preening and showboating and self praise and ‘friend’ praise (to all) and ask the questions to help save lives. To all. Too many have died due to the '‘Malone mRNA technology’ based injection. Needlessly. If proper full information was given early one, many would have not taken it and would be alive. We need answers, not guest appearances. Time for this to stop by all.

Scientist to scientist. I wish to talk to you.

No more moving in packs and groups protecting each other from the media and people’s questions. Yes, even in the groups we share in common. No more. Be like Dr. Peter McCullough, stand alone, like Senator Ron Johnson, a real warrior, a real man for truth, and take all the questions, openly. I say this to all of you who are playing a ‘money frenzy’ game with the hurting public, just gorging yourself with donor money, deceiving them, BSing them, lots of money coming from poor hard working people seeking honest answers. They are unsuspecting, they the public, do not know many so called ‘freedom fighters’ and the hanger ons like the movie people and the like are just interested in fattening your/their pockets. Hell we have camera people and real estate agents now interviewed as COVID experts. It is so perverse. The public must be asking ‘what the hell is this, who is the expert’?

I say stop it! Stop this perverse show.

I say stop now. This is not about envy or pettiness. No one envies you/you all. People just want answers. This is about watching a perverse show daily of greedy ‘entitled’ people even on the ‘freedom warrior anti-COVID vaccine’ side acting like rabid money hungry freaks. That is, if we were ever serious to begin with. Or was it just a means to make money? Promote yourself. Huh? Which one.