The Smear Against RFK, Jr. (Bobby Kennedy Jr.); I decided to write this and share Lew's view because I like Bobby Kennedy, I do not support his politics but even as a democrat, I think he is better

by Paul Alexander

for US than many Republicans even; he is principled, great position on the fraud COVID vaccine; if Trump chose him as VP, I would vote for that....Trump is my guy, no issues.Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

‘Robert F. Kennedy has been polling well against brain-dead Biden. Biden neocon controllers don’t like this, so they have resorted to a time-tested smear campaign against him. He has a long record of being pro-Jewish and supporting Israel, but this hasn’t stopped his enemies from calling him “anti-Semitic”. The charge is ridiculous. What his enemies fear is that he will bring to public attention issues our masters in Washington don’t want us to think about.

What gave rise to the smear? According to the New York Post, which broke the “story,” Kennedy said in a press conference at an Italian restaurant in New York, “’COVID-19. There is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately’ Kennedy said. ‘COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.’


‘We don’t know whether it was deliberately targeted or not but there are papers out there that show the racial or ethnic differential and impact,’ Kennedy hedged.

They story did not claim that Kennedy said that Jews had targeted anyone. It said that there was a theory that Covid was targeted, but Kennedy didn’t endorse the theory—he just mentioned it. Further, the theory said nothing about Jews doing the targeting.

Kennedy responded immediately. He posted on Twitter, pointing out the distortions in the story. He noted his long pro-Jewish record and quoted a conversation with a famous rabbi who was upset by the smear directed against him. This was his tweet:

You might think that would put an end to the story, but of course it wasn’t. The New York Times solicited statements from members of Kennedy’s family and others denouncing him for “anti-Semitism,” even though he had said nothing critical of Jews. “Several members of the Kennedy family have condemned a bigoted conspiracy theory from the Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who suggested that the coronavirus was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews and Chinese people.. .

His sister Kerry Kennedy called his remarks ‘deplorable and untruthful’ and said they did not represent the principles espoused by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the organization she leads — named after their father, the former attorney general and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

His brother Joseph Kennedy II issued a similar statement, telling The Boston Globe: ‘Bobby’s comments are morally and factually wrong. They play on antisemitic myths and stoke mistrust of the Chinese. His remarks in no way reflect the words and actions of our father, Robert F. Kennedy.’ “

Naturally the White House joined in the smear. “White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sharply denounced a conspiracy theory floated by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that Covid-19 was engineered to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people, calling the longshot Democratic candidate’s remarks ‘false’ and ‘vile.’

‘The claims made on that tape is false,’ she said during a Monday press briefing about a video published over the weekend. ‘It is vile, and they put our fellow Americans in danger.’

Jean-Pierre declined to discuss Kennedy directly, citing the legal constraints on the administration’s ability to address campaign matters. But she warned that Kennedy’s remarks amounted to encouraging racist theories around the virus.

‘If you think about the racist and antisemitic conspiracy theories that come out of saying those type of things, it’s an attack on our fellow citizens,’Jean-Pierre said. ‘And so it’s important that we essentially speak out when we hear those claims more broadly.’

Jean-Pierre also cited a statement from the American Jewish Committee that called Kennedy’s claims ‘deeply offensive’ and reflective of ‘some of the most abhorrent antisemitic conspiracy theories throughout history.’

This is something that this president, and this whole administration, is going to stand against,’ she added.”

Why the massive and unfounded campaign against Kennedy? The answer is this he has raised issues Biden’s neocon controllers want swept under the carpet. The great Dr. Naomi Wolf highlighted some of these issues in a conversation she had with him: “In the latest episode of ‘TRUTH’ with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy sat down with the iconic Naomi Wolf for a spirited discussion on abuse of power, standing up to tyranny and preserving our Constitution. Wolf explained how tyrants always follow the same predictable route in their attempts to bring democracies to a close and how she believes our society has reached ‘Step 10’ of her ‘Fascism in 10 Easy Steps.’

Highlights of their conversation include:

  • We’re reaching a point reminiscent of what led to the American Revolution: People were willing to die rather than give up their rights.

  • The Constitution wasn’t written for easy times but for emergencies such as the current COVID crisis.

  • Arbitrary restrictions are being put in place by those abusing emergency powers at local, state and federal levels.
    In a free society, points are made and arguments won through free speech and open debate rather than censoring opinionsthat differ from ours.

  • Authoritarianism has no place in medicine although most liberals are accepting edicts promoted by  Fauciand Bill Gates.

  • Direct-to-consumer advertisingthat started in 1997 marked the beginning of Pharma’s takeover of American media.

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationneutralized once-independent media including The Guardian, NPR and public television through financial gifts.

  • Democrats are leading the ‘biofascism’ charge.

  • There’s no science to back up the widespread suspension of our Constitutional rights.

  • Non-partisan grassroots efforts are gaining momentum and can preserve our freedom and prevent totalitarian takeover.

Kennedy has been the foremost exposers of the dangers posed to our health and safety by “Dr.”Anthony Fauci. “Children’s Health Defense’s board chair and lead counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s highly anticipated book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is available today in bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The New York Times bestselling author’s latest work details how Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and their cohorts used their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to flood the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis, and to muzzle debate and ruthlessly censor dissent.

As people the world over are questioning the origins of the COVID crisis, news continues to emerge about U.S. taxpayers’ funding of gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Some U.S. Senators including Rand Paul are calling for Fauci’s resignation while U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace is leading a bipartisan effort to investigate his agency’s treatment of beagle puppies during experiments that the group of lawmakers calls ‘cruel.’

The Real Anthony Fauci exposes a side of Dr. Fauci that has thus far been shielded from the public by the ongoing media blackout of any information that counters the Pharma/government narrative.

‘The research I conducted for this book exposes how Fauci’s gargantuan yearly disbursements allow him to dictate the subject, content and outcome of scientific health research across the globe,’ said Kennedy.

‘These annual disbursements also allow Fauci to exercise dictatorial control over the army of “knowledge and innovation” leaders who populate the ‘independent’ federal panels that approve and mandate drugs and vaccines — including the committees that allowed the Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines.’

The Real Anthony Fauci’ informs readers of how Fauci, Gates and their collaborators:

  • Made a series of prescient predictions about the imminent COVID-19 pandemic — almost to the day. Their precision soothsaying further awed a fawning, credulous and scientifically illiterate media that treats Gates and Fauci as religious deities, insulates them from public criticism and vilifies their doubters as heretics and ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Adulatory mainstream media abetted Fauci’s conspiracy to cover up COVID’s origins at the Wuhan lab.

  • Teamed with government technocrats, military and intelligence planners, and health officials from the U.S., Europe and China to stage sophisticated pandemic ‘simulations’ and ‘Germ Games.’ Exercises like these, encouraged by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, laid the groundwork for imposition of global totalitarianism, including compulsory masking, lockdowns, mass propaganda and censorship, with the ultimate goal of mandating the coercive vaccination of 7 billion humans.

  • Practiced, in each of their ‘simulations,’ psychological warfare techniques to create chaos, stoke fear, shatter economies, destroy public morale and quash individual self-expression — and then impose autocratic governance.

‘Fauci’s COVID policies also spawned new insidious authoritarianism — and propelled America down a slippery slope toward a grim future as a dark totalitarian security and surveillance state,” said Kennedy.’”

Charles Burris tells us what is at stake in the fight about Kennedy: “When I was a junior in high school I became determined to get involved in politics and go to work in the Robert F. Kennedy presidential campaign. I suppose I had a vague romantic notion of RFK being a noble family legacy of his brother whom I much admired as the martyred president.

I had no idea of any conspiracy theory concerning the death of John Kennedy at that time.

Robert Kennedy’s youthful persona as an idealist against the Vietnam War appealed to me. He seemed genuine and authentic while the rude, crude, earthy LBJ was a shifty, lying mass murderer. I saw Kennedy killed on live TV after the California Primary when he addressed his supporters shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, in a ballroom at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Leaving the ballroom, he went through the hotel kitchen after being told it was a shortcut to a press room. He did this despite being advised by his bodyguard—former FBI agent Bill Barry—to avoid the kitchen. In a crowded kitchen passageway, Kennedy turned to his left and shook hands with hotel busboy Juan Romero just as Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, opened fire with a .22-caliber revolver. Kennedy was hit three times, and five other people were wounded. We now know that it was NOT Sirhan who ultimately killed RFK.

RFK died the next day on my birthday June 6. It really struck home. Later in August I intensively watched the Chicago 1968 Democratic national convention and the subsequent police riot, how the peace plank was voted down, and Johnson’s VP Hubert Humphrey anointed as the party’ presidential candidate. I pretty much buried my enthusiasm for the Kennedys with him.

Watching a 2020 interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I don’t really know when I last was so impressed by an interview which forced a total paradigm shift concerning an individual or subject as this one. His later brilliant extended hour-long interview with an emotionally impressed Tucker Carlson was also very impactful. Putting aside all the fascinating detailed information concerning the cover-up of deleterious effects vaccines have caused world wide, the role of Bill Gates and Big Pharma, the WHO, in this tragic story, and how it all relates to COVID-19, the part that hit home especially to me was the final part of the interview concerning the role of the CIA in the assassinations of his father Robert Kennedy, and of his uncle President John F. Kennedy. As our LRC community readers well know I have extensively studied and investigated these events, have probably over 100 books on them, and have written many articles and blogs over them for decades. Everything RFK, Jr. said about them incredibly rings true. His concise discussion of them was absolutely remarkable and directly on-target.

His from the heart descriptions of growing up Kennedy, with the intense family traditions of deep religious faith, familial piety, and an educational approach to life stressing rigor and argumentative debate and questioning of all subjects, was truly enlightening — as was his illuminating discussion of the future technocratic authoritarian surveillance state planned for American serfs modeled on the Chinese Social Credit economy, again something I have written about to our LRC community’s readers.

The fact that this amazing, courageous man has been so criminally marginalized and cast into the outer darkness in regards to communicating to the American people about these crucial matters is one of greatest national disgraces I have encountered in my lifetime.

I most earnestly hope he does commit to seeking the Democratic Party 2024 nomination for the presidency, making a central focus of his campaign his family’s 60 years challenge to the deep state, the coterie of remorseless killers who savagely murdered his father Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.”

Let’s do everything we can to support this great American patriot in his battle against Big Pharma, Fauci, and the CIA.’