The United States is facing full on onslaught invasion, full invasion, look at the clip, they are coming & the Biden administration is facilitating, this is planned & coordinated; seal borders now!

by Paul Alexander

We must have borders upheld, proper seal, we must have immigration, I know that, but we need to stop all the illegal immigrants NOW, all, stop all, only allow proper legal immigration

Full invasion

and the government saying it cannot stop it? What? But you gave 40 billion $ and more billions to corrupted Ukraine? Not our business Ukraine while you decimate our borders, language, and culture? I am an immigrant and I want it, we need it, but it must only be proper and legal…no other way.

Both the republicans and democrats are to blame, both playing dirty…near bandits to me. Only interested in stuffing their pockets and friends with crooked bogus contracts, stolen tax payer money.

and my heart goes out to the people killed in Buffalo, it was tragic and we must find a way to stop it, urgent discussions now. Stop the bull shit talks and candle light shit and fix it properly. If this was racism, the republic party must stand up and say there is no room for that in the party, and stand against it. Racism white on black and black on white, all forms. We cannot have this in our society, too many beautiful people lost needlessly, innocent people. Punish this perpetrator harshly. This has lots to do with DEFUND the police too…we rendered our police neutered in many areas...we mourn and pray and have to help.