The UNVACCINATED have to be careful now! The VACCINATED will soon be told they CANNOT even enter the restaurant! The VACCINATED may attack the UNVACCINATED when they fully realize they were tricked!

by Paul Alexander

Yes, I just said that, the VACCINATED may well physically attack the UNVACCINATED out of anger and fear, seeing as the data and evidence shows their immune system is now damaged!

Some even say they want the unvaccinated to share the same risk as them due to the mRNA technology shot and that the unvaccinated must be accountable because they knew of some information that they did not share with the vaccinated! In other words, the VACCINATED is now pivoting to blame the UNVACCINATED! Yes, this is in the media now. As the harms stack up, you the UNVACCINATED are being blamed as you knew something you did not fully share with the VACINATED! It is our fault!

It was always a pandemic of the VACCINATED! In terms of infections, re-infections, hospitalization, and deaths, from these COVID shots.

Your UNVACCINATED immune system today, is the GOLD standard, it is the prize, you withstood the pressure and today, the VACCINATED will given anything to have your immune system!!!

Now we have to help them however we can, we do not laugh or delight, no, we help our brothers and sisters, they were misled, and we help them in any support we can, anything that can help moderate the effects of the shot longer term and even remove the spike due to the devastating mRNA technology shot!