The US government, CDC, Walensky, Fauci, NIAID, Francis Collins, NIH, WHO etc. are doing all they could to cause the expansion of monkeypox into the general low-risk heterosexual population, as in HIV

by Paul Alexander

I see no other way to say this, that from the get go, we told them 'acute contact tracing, proper PSAs to the Gay & Bisexual community, & to tell Gays 'no sex' skin to skin for 3 weeks! Did they? No!

WHO and CDC and Fauci, as they did in the 1980s with HIV (denying Bactrim and advocating the deadly AZT), are threatening the health and well-being of the Gay and bisexual community, having failed to provide them the public health risk mitigating counsel and advice needed. They emboldened them to continue their sexual behaviors and the virus is expanding and will threaten the low risk heterosexual community. Bisexual males area a huge risk avenue and it is not about being Gay, it is about the form of skin to skin touching and intimacy and anal sex. If heterosexuals engaged in same, and were infected, they too would spread infection, this and any STD type of infection.

No stigmatization or ostracizing. But the Gay and bisexual must be told, no sexual contact for 3 weeks, PERIOD!