The US is the greatest nation on earth, no question, beautiful people, beautiful flag and idea, we must hold out hope, and we have to wage this legal, peaceful, embracing, positive fight; we help!

by Paul Alexander

We must never ever stop trying and helping each other, ever, we be each other's keeper, we help those if we can, who need help, we respect nation, border, culture, all religions, ethnicities

Long-live the USA and it is so humbling.

We get the nuclear family back center, we get the father back into the home and respected, and he must re-assume his potent major role, we respect the woman and mother as the queen and really the reason this all turns. The woman, the female must be respected and regarded and compensated for her importance, and protected. This is nothing without the queen and our males must behave themselves. Respect and regard her importance. We center faith, your faith as critical to daily life. I have found I cannot make it without my faith and trust in my GOD.

Government has major issues and must address these and we hold them to account at the polls:

gas prices

inflation, cost of living

food prices

our boarders, safe guard them

crime on our streets

the terrible education for our children

poor biased medical care

make care accessible for all, equity

dropping all COVID emergency powers

ensure no more lockdowns and school closures