The Wellness Company (TWC) (CEO Foster Coulson) & its Spike Support recovery formula for adults as well as children (spike recovery for children) may help in the rash of mRNA pulmonary embolism clots

by Paul Alexander

mRNA technology gene based vaccine (Pfizer & Moderna & BioNTech, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin) underpinned by mRNA technology invented by Weissman, Kariko, Malone etc. causes deadly blood clots, brain bleeds

I do not write for TWC, I write for myself and I will be relentless on the 20 Horsemen of the devastating COVID Apocalypse, we must NEVER ever let this 20 out of our grasp legally, we be merciful and forgiving too, but we must drag them into proper legal forums to be examined by proper tribunals and juries and judges and if the verdicts are that they, all or some of the 20, costed lives, were reckless and money hungry and fame whorish, then we strip them of every penny and we jail them, and if the judge says the actions, the COVID LOCKDOWN lunatic policies resulted in deaths needlessly and the judge, not you or I, the judge says he or she will put the death penalty on the table, feels that it is the remedy, to make Americans ‘whole’ agaon, then I will be devastated no doubt but will step back and let the legal system play out. You must not interfer with a ruling like that. If inquiry shows they did best they could and were not responsible for the rash of lockdown linked deaths, school closure deaths, mRNA technology gene based vaccine deaths and harms, then we praise them, this 20, all or some of them, and let them live their lives free of any harassment or the like. We celebrate them then.