The Wellness Company (TWC) USA has spearheaded implementation of TWC Canada, to address the health gaps and work within confines of Canada's system; Launch is today, Mother's Day & I ask you to

by Paul Alexander

consider what TWC Canada has to offer; the aim is to inform Canadians on most optimal, robust, trustworthy data & for decision-making & TWC Canada will partner with Federal & Provincial governments

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The Wellness Company Canada wants to be YOUR preventative healthcare provider.

We want to keep you looking and feeling your best with:

  • naturalistic products for disease prevention including our famous Spike Support Formula, which contains Nattokinase, and

  • an exclusive weekly news feed from some of Canada’s leading medical experts

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And finally, an important note: The Wellness Company Canada stands firm against the medical tyranny of Canadian governments. We sincerely believe our efforts will reduce the pressure on the Canadian health care system.

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