The Wellness Company (USA, Canada, soon Caribbean, Europe etc.) led by Foster Coulson stands unique in that it is trying to offer help post COVID virus & mRNA technology based gene injection

by Paul Alexander

with supplement products that can dissolve spike protein & its deadly effects, support immune function, improve heart health, battle underpinning metabolic syndrome etc.; as science matures & evolves

No one is saying only TWC (, no no no, you read and listen and get informed and you decide. Think, talk to your doctor too. But TWC is being attacked by even COVID Freedom Fighter petty, envious, pusillanimous, inane scientists and doctors who cannot do anything but pull flint out from between their toes and navels and bit*h. Sorry folk. Should grow up. And come join us, the tent is huge, we stand open arms welcoming, we will put your petty devisive near malfeasant acts aside for the well-being of people, and here is a kiss from me: