The White House must stand up now & show testicles; I do not believe anything any media, CNN, FOX, even Russian, says, all we know is innocent people are being killed; leadership is needed now

by Paul Alexander

Putin is wrong to use this force and kill, the west and NATO nations wrong to threaten his borders, and the Ukrainians are right to fight and defend their land, but you and I are lied to, even in this

Problem is Ukraine has been a slush fund, a piggy bank, a laundering joint for many governments, given contracts etc. and then they give kickbacks in return with bag men *cough cough* we will not name famous ones that are children of famous people *cough cough* like Prime Ministers, congress people, and even Presidents. So they are angry at Vlad. He has now stopped the piggy bank, again go check the surnames of many on those ‘aid’ packages to Ukraine over the decades, see how many happen to be similar to congress people and senators…see how many are their kids and family and homies…ssshhh, did Dr. Alexander just say that?

This needs adults now in the house and today, the White House must send home the little boys and girls who cannot pee straight, who were handing out lawn signs in an election campaign now work in State; we need the big boys and girls.

The US must step up now and tell Russia it will not let Ukraine into NATO and he must stop instantly. The US should donate money and supplies and peace keeping to rebuild Ukraine for it and other western nations got it and us here. But the US must fix this and has the leadership and must act. The US is the greatest nation on earth, and must act so now, no dithering.

They must call on Donald Trump now, he can fix this! If they do not know what the hell to do, but make no mistake, we have one nation already invoking nuclear weapons. This is amping up fast and dangerously so. We need leadership, so far FOX and CNN and the like are reporting like this is a new game, a joke. Shame on all of them.

And no, no US blood is to shed in this, if the congress and senate are calling for war, the neolibs and neocons, then tell them we will send their sons and daughters FIRST.