The wolf: did I not tell you the WOLF is agitating, COVID is over, he is coming out to play, he is not scared anymore; Do not forget Bataclan in France, what the wolf did cutting out male balls

by Paul Alexander

stuffing into their mouths, cutting out female vaginas, disemboweling club patrons, like Omar (PULSE), the wolf is here, arm up, 2nd amendment is the gift from our founders, thank God daily for it!


I warned you about the wolf many times, and the wolf can really be anyone. COVID is done, he is agitating now, WITH EVIL IN HIS HEART, depravity, no longer afraid of the virus and in his basement like you were (and do not forget Tashfeen, the wolf can be a she and do not forget the lives Tashfeen took):

Do not forget your legal 2nd amendment, your right to use deadly force ONLY if your life is in mortal imminent danger, get legal weapons, learn to shoot to kill, handle properly, target practice, ensure your wives and daughters have their guns, get permits, teach them to have no mercy and kill with malice as the wolf would of them, if life is threatened, that the wolf lurks to rape and kill (Sweden became the rape capital of the world and blond blue eyed girls had to dye hair black to escape the evil eyes of the wolf among them that Merkel flooded them with), be prepared to fight for your life ladies.

Never EVER leave the primary scene, fight for your life, if he (any wolf) points a gun or knife at your side and enters the car, drive the car into the wall, into the post (avoid other cars), but crash it, do all you can for you have a 50:50 chance of survival, even force him to shoot for likely he will miss a vital organ, I beg you, never listen to him, if he says ‘quiet’, you scream, and you fight him, plunge the keys into his eyes, his neck, use any object ladies, your pen, have a metal study stiff pen with you always as your pen but as a weapon if needed, plunge into his neck repeatedly if he threatens your life, teach your daughters, to have no mercy on the wolf, he will rape you and kill you, if you leave the primary scene, even 10 feet, you will not be going home! Any wolf.

The wolf lives among us, bad corrupted thieving politicians allowed them in, allows wolves to commit crimes and back on the streets, so it is us against them, be warned, protect yourself and ensure your girls know to fight as life depended on it! Now the wolf is slipping in via the Southern border, Biden et al. knows but do not care. Votes, I suppose.

If she leaves the primary scene, it is game over!

The islamist wolf, the jihadist, resides in their minds in 9th century middle east. I am not talking about good muslims, no, I know many, good people. I mean those who have depraved evil hearts. This wolf who tried to kill the police officer is one such.

Be warned.

Remember France, Bataclan, the wolf killed about 130 in one night club, torturing the patrons and on the 2nd floor, the pathologists could not bear the scene, made them puke, vaginas were stabbed up, balls stuffed in male mouths, be warned, here is one shot on the first floor but the 2nd floor shots I will not share. The wolf disemboweled the people too, as they cut out genitals:




Do not forget U.K. soldier Lee Rigby, do not forget what was done to him:


U.K. soldier Lee Rigby's gruesome beheading described