The wolf: Gays must get guns, training; 'TERRORIST' PICTURED Gunman, 42, who killed two in ‘extremist Islamic terror attack’ at Oslo gay bar'; Ex-plumber Matapour was on the police radar in 2015

by Paul Alexander

The wolf: Zaniar Matapour, 42, allegedly opened fire at 3 different locations in Oslo, Norway, during Pride month celebrations; had become radicalized and was part of an "Islamist extremist network

I said before, the gay community, male and female, must get legal fire arms, get training, and learn to shoot…the wolf was here, is here, and lurks for you. Remember The PULSE shooting, near 50 at the gay club. As COVID circles the drain, extreme groups are bubbling and agitating, you can see it globally.


'TERRORIST' PICTURED; Gunman, 42, who killed two in ‘extremist Islamic terror attack’ at Oslo gay bar moved to country when he was 12

‘Matapour was arrested five minutes later and an automatic weapon and a handgun were seized.

Two people tragically could not be saved while 21 others were injured in the horror shooting.

Of these, ten were rushed to hospital, with three of them in a serious condition and 12 more were treated at the scene.

Security services have raised the terror threat level in Norway in the wake of the "extraordinary" attack.

Police are now investigating whether there were further attacks planned during Pride events.’