The WOLF is agitating, case in point 'SWEDEN'; I warned you about this, the more you say COVID is done, the more the wolf will agitate & 'COME OUT'; he is brave now, COVID is over, time for swords now

by Paul Alexander

This is the result of mass illegal refugee invasion, NOT immigration, it was invasion into EUROPE during the Obama & Merkel era; Merkel destroyed Europe, Sweden became rape capital; watch now

As COVID circles the drain, rapes will increase in Europe like in Denmark, Sweden etc. Once again. The wolf will start stabbing again and running people over with trucks etc. You watch, it is coming. The wolf was hiding just like you, locked down just like you but now he is agitating. He is about to come out to play and you know this by the recent spate of bombings in Sweden. He is coming.


Two Bombings in One Night? That’s Normal Now in Sweden.