There must NEVER be 'quarantine/isolation' or 'testing' of ASYMPTOMATIC persons who have no symptoms; it is harmful and provide NO benefit; we test/isolate 'symptomatic' unwell persons

by Paul Alexander

Where there is a clinical suspicion or clear symptoms etc.; we must not quarantine persons at the border who are asymptomatic or in homes; EVER; no basis; this was ONE of the 9 COVID lies to lock down

First, huge love and hugs this great day, we are alive to continue the struggle! Beautiful people in you, whomever you are, I know.

These were the 9 lies (and there are more but these are ‘key’) that Trump allowed Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and Hahn and CDC and NIH etc. to use and peddle that hobbled and doomed the pandemic response by end of March 2020, and it is what caused thousands of deaths…likely millions globally, and he failed to remove them and allowed them to control the response which hurt him…he did not trust his gut instincts that are usually right and he meant to do good all along, note, I never said he did anything nefarious, he made a grave mistake however with the lockdowns and vaccines and history will record it as such;

I speak it as I know it and now we got the most incompetent, inept present administration that is working against the interests of the US…Biden’s. What a catastrophic cluster f**k mistake that was made in the prior administration and yes, elections have consequences…and yes, I know, they stole votes, yes, yes, no need remind me of the questions and wrongs and monkey business etc. but what you must get by now is that we are ‘here’ (lockdown and school closure suicides and damage and vaccine mandates and deaths from it) because of decisions Trump made or ‘did not make’. Separate from the voting.

It was not the virus, it was the corrupted, inept, unscientific, bogus, political, specious, absurd response to it, yes, designed in some ways to hurt Trump and it did, and lots to do with pure corruption to pimp off the PPE money and contracts and pure ineptness…these people are just plain dumb who run our health agencies or in government, PERIOD! I met them.

Trump should have fired these fake inept people day 1, like Fauci and Birx, and all the Task Force who were subverting him…he failed in that. There is no excuse for one of these hydra heads ‘lived on to wreak even more damage’. The ‘little step-stool’ one. The one who walks around with an aide carrying a step-stool.

The devastating lies that hobbled and destroyed the response by Trump and even in Biden’s time, making this a political and not a public health response were:

  1. asymptomatic transmission…it was a lie, this is rare if at all, remains so today; you DO NOT transmit if you have no symptoms

  2. that these blue and white masks worked; they NEVER did, day 1, still do not today, it is toxic to children, be warned

  3. recurrent infection…it was a lie, this is rare if at all, remains so today

  4. that we were all at equal risk of severe outcome if infected, that 15 year old Johnny is at same risk as 85 year old granny with underlying conditions

  5. that we had no early treatment…a massive lie and costed 750,000 American lives

  6. that vaccine immunity was superior to natural innate and natural acquired-adaptive immunity…one of the greatest hoaxes and lies perpetrated on the world to scare you to vaccine

  7. that lock downs and school closures would curb transmission of this mutating respiratory virus, as well as mask mandates…massive lies and we had data early showing these were driving spread

  8. that an over-cycled PCR test that was overly sensitive and plagued with 95% false positives (and false negatives) was accurately denoting positivity

  9. that the COVID vaccines would be and are ‘safe and effective’; they never worked, I say ‘never’ and will explain in subsequent sharing; they were a failure day 1; these vaccines must not be given to our children and we risk harming them