There will be 450 mass shootings in the US based on existing June 1st 2022 numbers; this is Biden's America; Fauci & Birx lockdowns & school closures (under Trump) baked this in; damaged minds

by Paul Alexander

Biden et al. was not the leadership we needed, NO...we needed to heal and get past what the lockdowns did; the Buffalo TOPS shooter told us this; the lockdowns created him; there is more of them!

IMO, I predict 450 mass shootings….about 220 to 230 today…June 2, 2022.

Biden et al. are breeding hate and division…hating police, hating military, hating hating hating…only special groups etc. This MUST end!

We need special leadership, we need kindness, we need healing, not division and hate. We need people who know that the hell they are doing. We need our economy, our borders, or drug crisis, our homelessness, our crime on our streets, our forgotten vets and surging suicides…we need us, us the people, our African American, our minority, our white populations with surging suicides in the young white male…something is wrong…we need us taken cared of, we need our constitution upheld and regarded, our rights respected. We need special leadership after what was done to us during COVID. We baked in madness and now must work to undo this. Question is how do we go forward.

We are here today in the US, we are devastated socially, economically, health wise post vaccine, and due to the failed lockdowns and school closures and all of it to me, IMO, is due to the filth and ineptness and corruption of Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins…we damaged our society terribly by their policies and we ravaged our vulnerable people…took them over the edge, existing mental health bubbling with the harshness of the lockdowns, the isolation, the illogical and irrational punishment if one did not want the vaccine due to being naturally immune, forced out of the workplace for an ineffective vaccine and one that is harmful…we denied early treatment with bogus studies in hospital settings when we told them it was wrong for early treatment was for early in the disease sequelae, not when one had florid pneumonia and far along the COVID disease course…FDA et al. put out corrupted science to lie to the people, to the American people. FDA worked for 2 years to damage the nation in conjunction with corrupted public health agencies and vaccine companies. IMO. I will debate anyone anything on this. Walk with your data.

This is what has deranged many people…the isolation we lived during COVID, the forced polices that had no merit, people are struggling to overcome what we have been living the last over 2 years and these beasts are not stopping…Bourla and Bancel are not stopping, the FDA is not protecting the American people…Pfizer and Moderna are now coming for our children in complicit union with FDA that has failed to protect us…we have to make a stand, under no condition as there is no basis in healthy children.

Yes, we had large societal ills prior to COVID, but the wrongs were so glaring under COVID, corruption and ineptness so great, we have poured gasoline into existing fires.

I shall be writing more.