These 6 studies showed us that there is (can be) harm (adverse effects) following use of these COVID vaccines; as time has gone on, you, I, we all know someone who got harmed or died post COVID shot

by Paul Alexander

These 6 studies show that there is (can be) harm following use of these COVID vaccines, up to death as we have seen in adults and young persons in the CDC’s VAERS database, and as you read in the media; ensure you understand the benefits and the harms before agreeing to take these and under no condition, allow your children to be vaccinated with these vaccines. These COVID vaccines have failed on omicron and is non-neutralizing, and as such is driving infectious variants via placing the infectiousness of the virus (the spike) under selection pressure. This can also result in a more virulent strain. Today we see the vaccinated becoming infected and re-infected and it is due to the non-neutralizing vaccine binding to the omicron spike yet not neutralizing it.

These 2 studies you should read by Fantini et al. and Liu et al. as it shows the mechanism whereby the vaccinal antibodies can bind yet not neutralize. Liu et al showed that some of antibodies against the N-terminal domain (NTD) do actually cause the open conformation of the receptor binding domain and as such enhanced the binding capacity of the spike protein to ACE2 and this enhanced infectivity of SARS-CoV-2.

Yahi et al.: Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?

I am not anti-vax, yet I AM AGAINST these vaccines in children. But actually, this entire COVID insanity and these vaccines and the serious issues now make me read more and it raises many vaccine questions. Not just on COVID injections. There seems to be more profit involved in this area and vaccines are not properly safe. We have to educate ourselves and be willing to think.

It is not my position to tell you what to do, I cannot, I am not your clinician, the decision is yours and with discussion with your doctor, but for my children, under no condition will they get these vaccines; if they have no risk like obesity or underlying medical conditions, no healthy child must get these vaccines, period! It can kill them. If a child has chronic serious conditions, then this should be discussed with your doctor. This is a high risk person and the risk-benefit calculation is different but I refer to healthy children which is the vast majority. Near all. It is a risk management decision now, with children having statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID, with a vaccine that has failed and is harmful and skews to harm. Children do not need it. Say No! Tell the CDC and NIH and Bourla to shove it!

So if not at risk, I would not give them these shots (even if they have risk) and I would take them out of school and home school them. It will benefit them. Do not risk your child being disabled for the rest of life or even dying. Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, CDC, NIH, Biden, Azar, Trump, FDA, none of them, have liability. Trump did not move to provide protection to anyone. I do not understand why he is not clamoring for the children’s safety. All have been absolved and ‘only’ your child has liability. Your child could be harmed by these vaccines and they have no exposure, no liability. If they, Fauci et al. want your child vaccinated, demand they put liability protection they enjoy, on the table, and REMOVE it.

Until then, tell them all to phuck off! All of them. Not one of them has prosecuted the case as to why statistical zero risk healthy children must be given a vaccine when they do not need it, and when the vaccine has harms as seen in the CDC’s and EUROPEAN surveillance systems (tens of thousands of deaths and millions of vaccine adverse events).

The 6 studies are that show some risk of adverse effects post shot (and I just pulled some for my reading and not an exhaustive search):

(hereherehereherehere, and here)

1) Mathioudakis et al., Krammer et al.Raw et al., Monforte et alMenni et al., Efrati et al.

These include fever, breathlessness, flu-like illness, fatigue, myalgia-arthralgia and lymphadenopathy, and local reactions. It is also associated with increased risk of severe side effects, leading to hospital care, local and systemic side effects, and long COVID. As seen in the news and also in CDC’s VAERS, there are tens of thousands of deaths immediately post vaccine and researchers show 85% of thee deaths linked direct to the vaccination. It is becoming routine where most people know someone, or heard of someone who has had adverse reactions and even death post vaccine.