These are really perverts, with mental issues, IMO, these trangender freaks entering children bathrooms and men entering women change rooms and bathrooms etc. These are would be rapists and pedophiles

by Paul Alexander

We are dangerously standing by & now we have these sick 'woke' "oh see me over here, I am the most tolerant parent, see I took 5 year Johnny to watch adult men prostrate on a pole"; DANGEROUS!

This is like sending your 8 year old to be in the care of priests at the church, thinking the priest will only be interested on getting help, you saw how that turned out, some of the priests had their own ideas…parents, be very careful, you are setting your children up for disaster and hurt, you are helping promote transgender psycopathy and disfiguring your children with pubert blockers and surgeries, many now in US etc. are suicidal and taking their lives as want to reverse the madness you encouraged. You parents are to blame, stop this WOKE, tolerant bullsh*t! Get a grip and get a life! You parents are sick in the head!