These beasts and bastards in Washington, these leftists and RINOs, these America hating sick people, don't get it? Trump is cleaner than you, you know it; you tried for years, he is not filthy 'you'.

by Paul Alexander

that is the key. and I love him, he makes fools of them...sit back and watch again. they chase their tails in derangement, some sick evil in many instances criminal people, & he is cleaner than they

boorish, crass, unpolite as they say? To me, who cares. He is better than you filthy people, way better, cleaner, yet you won’t stop till you jail him for nothing or get him killed. That is my sense. You are risking the man’s life and know what you are doing.

There is a saying, para….when you go with your shovels to dig a hole for someone, to take them out, dig one for yourself too. So evil, wicked people, evil unto itself. Deprave people I call them.

Point is, each violation of him you do, violation, will be done to you in the future. Your kind. It is only fitting IMO. Others will come along and see to that. You set precedence. Go ahead. It will apply to you too.

IMO, ‘45’ all the way, Trump train! And if Trump is not on deck this rounds, I will vote for Bobby. He is not a bad man, lust demons and all. I like him on the vaccines etc. And I think a good human being. But Trump is my guy…badly treated and maligned and harassed and punished…why? because he is better than them and they knew it.

I hope in some way they realize, ‘45’ toys with them.