These COVID injections could have never ever worked; Bhakdi said this day 1 & Steele says it; it cannot work because besides they are dangerous, a shot in arm can't protect against mucosal infection

by Paul Alexander

They just cannot work based on first principles! It cannot activate local oral-nasal mucosal immunity, secretory IgA; IgA molecule, and the shots in the arms cannot work! it was all a lie!

Every aspect of this COVID injection makes no sense. Today we touch on a very controversial aspect that could cause tremors globally if it is ever found out to be true. Could Bourla and Fauci and Bancel and Francis Collins and all involved at CDC and NIH commit such a fraud on the American people? You damn right they could, as all they have done on lockdowns and these vaccines to date have been failures and frauds.

This COVID vaccine could have never worked. I am yet to be shown how this vaccine worked being delivered in the arm/injection site. IMO, an intranasal vaccine should have been developed that would have delivered antibodies or the like (provoked antibody production) to the nasopharynx (nostrils). To the mucosal layer in the nostrils.

I have written prior that in the US etc. the infection etc. was down, declining December 2020 and January 2021 prior to the COVID vaccine implementation. We were over this pandemic February 2021. So we cannot say these ever worked and then you would ask, then how come there were new waves? Well, we have argued that it is the COVID vaccine itself that is driving the infection and expansion. It was over before the vaccine roll-out.

We know this now with actual research especially that the vaccinal antibodies bind to the spike antigen and promote infection in the vaccinated, thus expanding the pandemic. Wave after wave and infection that does not get back to baseline so no herd immunity. Waves that are coming more rapid and higher and higher successive peaks. No back to baseline.

So we have a good argument the vaccine never worked, that your natural innate and acquired immunity worked to clear out the virus and you recovered and were naturally immune, and the virus was already declining before vaccine roll out February 2021. The vaccine then we argue has actually been driving the pandemic and has placed us where we are today.

I have said very early on that the COVID injection could not provide protection in the upper airways (upper respiratory tract/URT) if the content, the LNP, the mRNA, the spike protein, the resulting neutralizing vaccinal antibodies entered the lymph and systemic circulation. Why? Because the virus lands first in the nasal mucosa (mucosal lining) that lines the nasal cavity (nostrils). It also lands in the oral cavity. This slimy snotty substance/layer lines the entire respiratory tract. The immune response is needed there e.g. secretory IgA (SIgA). The response is not needed in the serum, systemically in the circulation, at least initially.

I stood on great work by Bhakdi and Steele. I stand by it.

The mucosal immune system as one part of the immune system, is the largest component of it. It functions to protect where infection threatens principally and this is the nasal mucosae. COVID virus infects the upper respiratory tract first (and to some extent the digestive tract) and thus the initial immune response must come from there in the URT. The mucosal immune system and the systemic immune system are distinct.

Dr. Steele makes a great case as to why these COVID injections never worked. para “Does the jab in the arm protect you? I have to be emphatic now, and my authority 50 years now on local mucosal immunity…none of those vaccines put into the arms can activate that mucosal immunity…those pushing this know it can’t work as cannot activate mucosal immunity. None of the current jab in the arms can activate that immunity…it can’t work.”

Steele video: SOURCE

“Most attention has been given to virus-neutralizing antibodies, especially circulating antibodies (1315). However, these can only be effective in the prevention of infection or disease if they reach the mucosal surfaces where the virus is present, and it should be noted that circulating IgA, even in polymeric form, is not effectively transported into secretions (16).”


Mucosal Immunity in COVID-19: A Neglected but Critical Aspect of SARS-CoV-2 Infection