These republican Senators deserve huge praise for standing up against the mandates: "We will continue to stand against these mandates until they are discontinued in ambition, design, and practice."

by Paul Alexander

Lee, Cruz, Daines, Scott, Lankford, Marshall, Johnson, Brausm, Lummis, Paul...huge credit to them for fighting, thank you...they voted to defund, thank you but with people like Romney, we have a fight

We know that the vaccine has failed on the OMICRON, with negative efficacy, failed on Delta, it cannot hit the OMI spike protein (antigen target) as it is based on the legacy Wuhan strain, and will not work on any future variant that will emerge if we continue vaccinating with a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop transmission. The data from UK and Scotland and Israel etc. tells us the worst nightmare is unfolding where the vaccine is causing the vaccinated to become infected, to be hospitalized, and to die from the vaccines. The data is clear. So something other than science is at play here and always was in COVID. I/we said this 2 years ago.