They are hiding as we seek justice & accountability; these health officials, all those who imposed the lockdown lunacy & the fraud mRNA technology based injection, even the 'inventors' pretend

by Paul Alexander

they are not to blame, so all who did wrong sought to make money on the upside when it was hip to smear and punish us the 'anti-lockdown & vaccine crowd, now want $ on downside PRETENDING 'wasn't me'

And all they did, every single lockdown lunatic policy, fraud mRNA technology gene injection and mandate policy, all, every one of them failed, and caused harms and deaths. No benefit.

I say we never EVER forget and we seek them out, each and everyone of them, and we drag them kicking and screaming into court rooms for proper legal inquiry and with real judges and once declared guilty of taking lives needlessly, then we take their money and imprison many of them and even place the death penalty on the table. Life for life. Guided by judges.

CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA, NIAID must be burnt to the ground, razed, taken down to the very studs and rebuilt, relocated and fire most of the technocrats as they have proven to be corrupted, inept, incompetent, academically sloppy, intellectually lazy, specious, illogical, irrational, plain stupid, and dangerous to the well-being of the public.