They, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, Pfizer's CEO Bourla, Moderna's Bancel, all of these people, NIAID, Health Canada, PHAC Canada, SAGE, NHS etc, cant declare pandemic over; VACCINE!

by Paul Alexander

EX sub-var: They know, basic immunology, as long as you inoculate 'into' an epidemic-pandemic with high infectious pressure, using a non-sterilizing injection that does not cut transmission, then....

…you will never cut the chain of transmission and will never EVER get to population level herd immunity given the hobbled sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies that do not sterilize (neutralize) the virus (eliminate it); they know that basic evolutionary biology will see Darwinian natural selection functioning to ‘select’ from among the prevailing variants (that come from us who are infected), the variants that are the ‘fittest’ and have a ‘competitive advantage’; these will be selected and enriched in the environment (proliferate) and the most ‘fittest will become the new dominant sub-variant; highly infectious for it could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure that was not working to eliminate the virus, just placing the virus infectiousness (aka the ‘spike protein) under pressure and the result is highly infectious variants and as such the pandemic WILL never end. It is designed with these vaccines to go for 100 years. In the infectious variants, could emerge a more virulent lethal one that could threaten humanity and this is a real possibility, rare as it may be.

hhhmmmmmm…..I guess this is what I and Vanden Bossche and others like Malone and Bridle and Pelech have been warning against, exactly that if you keep using a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop infection, replication, or transmission, then you will drive emergence of more infectious variants e.g. WHO Says New Mutant 'XE' Omicron Variant Could Possibly Be the Most Transmissible Strain Of COVID-19; I will write more on XE shortly.

They all know at CDC and NIH and NIAID, all the leaders and people in govn, that this pandemic will go on as long as we continue vaccinating with these particular vaccines. Was it designed so? Deliberate? They cannot be all that collectively stupid and inept. Cannot. Something other than science and immunology and vaccinology is at play here. I say these are real nefarious actions.

Albert Bourla (CEO) of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna, developed the perfect biological weapon with this mRNA lipid-nanoparticle injection delivery platform, this gene-based platform, this is NOT a vaccine…a slow ‘harm’ slow ‘kill’ weapon of sorts, that from what I know and have shared privately and openly, will kill many thousands of people including our children if this injection is not stopped NOW!

Bourla said we were criminals (actually said this) who questioned him and his vaccine. We as contrarians and skeptics are criminals in Bourla’s mind. But who is the criminal Albert? It is not I or Malone or McCullough or Risch or Vanden Bossche who brought this failed injection and harmful injection? It is you.

One day we must find out if this was intentional or an accident or an intentional accident. One of these I just wrote happened. By whom? Only China? Was the west involved? Who? Was Fauci involved? Who else, Francis Collins? We do not know and must come to know the extent. Is he or are they just inept and incompetent and not nefarious? That this was just pure stupidity and ineptness and not malfeasant? I do not know at this time. I do not know, we need proper legal inquiries and must not rush to judgement. Do not do that as it slanders. I do not blame. I do not know but lots do not add up and people need to be stripped of all money and imprisoned if they did this knowingly and even unknowingly due to negligence or just pure ineptness.