They don't care about rules, laws, procedures, nothing; they live in a different world than you and I; they use the power of government when in power, to dominate, subjugate, demean, overlord on you

by Paul Alexander

Government, congress, senate, parliaments, it's a get rich scheme, you go there not to do good by the community you serve, NO, you go there to steal, enrich, embezzle, launder, pilfer the treasury

Few, in government, elected office, IMO, are above board. As such, we must investigate each $ that went in PPP and PPE COVID relief. I am betting that many congresspeople in US and MPs and MPPs and hospital CEOs and doctors got dibs on that. These people made money off of COVID as people died! Investigate that! Investigate Bourla of Pfizer and Fauci and do not forget Francis Collins, and I pray to my God one day these 3 beasts sit in a docket somewhere.

Nancy Pelosi responds to husband's eyebrow-raising stock purchase:

‘At a press conference, a reporter asked Pelosi whether both members of Congress and their spouses should be legally barred from trading individual stocks. Not only did Pelosi scoff at the idea, but she defended such participation.

"No, I don't ... because this is a free market and people — we are a free market economy," Pelosi said. "They should be able to participate in that."‘

‘Paul Pelosi purchased between $1 million and $5 million of NVIDIA stock in mid-June.

The company specializes in designing and selling computer technologies that use semiconductor chips. NVIDIA uses fabless manufacturing, which means the company outsources the fabrication of the semiconductor chips themselves.

What made the transaction newsworthy is that it came weeks before Congress is expected to vote on a bipartisan legislation that would allocate $52 billion in taxpayer subsidies to help boost domestic production of semiconductor chips. Competing with China to produce the technology became a priority when the COVID-19 pandemic exposed American dependence upon Chinese production.’

I guess that’s how they roll in congress!

ha ha ha ha ha; I would not even write what I think, these people are so brazen…

I know where I will be going after my life is over, if I see Fauci when I get there, if I see Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Birx and select members of the congress of the US and parliament of UK and Canada, of Australia etc., if I see some of our leaders etc., I know I did and ended up in bowels of hell! If I see the FDA and CDC leadership, I ended up in hell! It is then I know I ended up in hell! For what they did to the populations in their reckless and dangerous and specious, unsound, absurd devastating COVID lockdown lunatic policies, I know they are destined for hell! High-crime bandits they are! I hope when my eyes open, I do not see them! I know I have to make a couple of stops along the way to explain some things ;) but heaven is where I am going to see my Lord one day; I do not expect to see Fauci and Birx there. Definitely not Bourla or the leadership of the FDA. So if I see them then I ended up in hell!