They have unleashed something terrible on us, the world, and something is not right with the mRNA lipid nano particle platform; this non-sterilizing vaccine is adding fire to it, forcing variants

by Paul Alexander

It is all behaving unnatural...IMO what is needed now is urgent stop, immediate stop of the ineffective failed vaccine that is harmful...stop! infections will never end if we keep vaccinating

This injection goes everywhere in the body, it is made to do this, and it is a huge problem. My sense always is they unleashed something bad onto us, intention, accident? deliberate accident??? we will know one day, the truth is never that far behind…and we punish all if this was malevolent and even reckless…hard punishment.

The key is the vaccine is behaving very unnaturally, the massive selection pressure imposed by the sub-optimal vaccine that does not sterilize the virus...that is creating evolutionary havoc and driving variants and a lethal one can emerge, do not discount that and my sense is they know this...something is very wrong here for prior exposure and infection should confer enough immunity that even the variants would be calm…or calmer, but something is unusual about this virus they unleashed, yes, they did this in the lab, Francis Collins and Fauci and Daszak et al., they know who they are and what they did, and the problem is the vaccine is taking a problem situation and devastating it further…we will never end this pandemic, ever, once we continue with these vaccines. ever.

IMO what is needed now is an urgent stop, immediate stop of the vaccine…if we do not stop, variants will keep coming and a deadly one can emerge…