They lied! It was all lies! All of COVID, from virus to vaccine! Dr. Jay Couey & Dr. Paul Elias Alexander discuss a DIFFERENT way of thinking; we are not saying they were wrong but they were NOT right

by Paul Alexander

We ask you to stop, take a step back and consider what we are trying to say here, allow yourself a look beneath the rock or behind the curtain so to speak; Jay & I wish to begin a discussion

A different discussion with a follow up show coming this weekend.

This is our discussion of ideas, to ask you to think a bit differently about what happened with this COVID fraud yet we are mostly on the same page.

We are not in a popularity game and who goes on which show and who gets plugs from who. We are in a death fight here and many of our soldiers, our people, were killed and people like me understand the fight. We wish to do something about it and Jay is a brother of mines, beautiful soul, genuine. Wicked smart. I know we are unpacking a thought that would scare many, many in the fight too. I expect push back and attacks but thats ok. We are scientists.

A key message is all in this vaccine, all, knew it was a fraud day one based on what we are saying. It could never have worked. These are money making criminals.

But we are only tabling up for you to think a bit. I know the implications are huge and our plan is to take you to the water’s edge. Lift the rock up and look below.

I am going to leave this video up a bit for you to watch this. My thinking has evolved working with the giant Drs. Peter McCullough and Risch and Oskoui.

We ask you to consider how devastating their actions were and how many deaths the COVID response caused and the fraud vaccine. For most of you, this may be shocking yet we spoke and met prior and decided about this presentation. Jay presented and I probed him to help unpack this issue that is a lot to think about.

Listen to how we are unpacking early treatment. I stand behind it but listen.


So here is part one of our discussion that you will be part of as we flesh it out more. Listen to how I am unpacking it for we want to get there slowly as to not create an uproar. The key is not to claim who is right or wrong and what is working and what is not. Key is to open minds and share what we are thinking and help you consider other issues as to ‘what’ happened. Lockdowns killed and the vaccine killed and those linked to the vaccine all the way knew it could not have worked and we present why it could not have worked, that is for sure. The ‘why’ we will get to but for now we are trying to pin down the ‘what’ really happened.

This is the raw video.

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