They told us that mRNA does not get into the nucleus & does not impact the DNA & does not alter the DNA; well turns out that too was a LIE & we hear it from horses mouth can be passed on to children

by Paul Alexander

Whether initial intent was 'good', it is clear this got away & they have no idea what they are doing, NONE & this mRNA, RNA complex platform IN THE WRONG HANDS for the WRONG reasons is deadly, COVID?

What is very dangerous in this speech here, yet we knew this and did not need this WEF lady to tell us this in 2015, is that whatever is being done at a genetic level cellularly, can be passed on to off-spring.

We have no idea what we have done with these mRNA COVID gene injections. This mRNA platform, this gene delivery platform is proven deadly and DOES NOT WORK! Must be stopped! Not in our children!

The critical issue is this, Pfizer and Moderna et al. have never to this day, run the clinical studies for the proper duration to assess the outcomes and to ‘exclude harms’.

And it is not about ‘trusting’ them for as you see, all they have told you, from Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Birx, Fancis Collins and the entire cabal of malfeasants IMO, have been lies! From day 1. You point to anything, from the origins of the virus, to the lockdowns, to the testing, to the school closures, to the injections, you point to one, just one statement that was true and correct. Just one.