They tore up her inside with iron rod, these Indian beasts, we must NEVER forget this rape of precious Jyoti; men who do this in the world, US, UK, Canada, Caribbean, must be hung; this is depravity!

by Paul Alexander

She was allegedly raped and assaulted with an iron rod, according to CNN affiliate News-18; The woman was admitted to Rajawadi Hospital and initially responded to treatment but died

‘Ten years ago this month, a horrific gang rape and murder in Delhi was a watershed moment which focused India's national conversation on an issue previously left in the shadows - violence against women.

This report contains content which some readers may find upsetting, including sexual violence


When 23-year-old Jyoti Singh was gang-raped by the driver of the Delhi bus she was travelling on, and five accomplices, the incident shocked the world. Jyoti, given the moniker "Nirbhaya" or the "fearless one" by the media, had fought back. But she suffered internal injuries and was thrown naked from the bus. She died within two weeks of the attack.

The nation's shock soon gave way to anger. Hundreds of young women and men in Delhi demanded justice, marching in the biting cold and braving water cannons and tear gas used by the police to dispel the seething crowds.’

Are you saying torture these types of men? I say worse than that, find a way to do worse, you must punish them into compliance, this type. You meet monstrosity with monstrosity. Then you kill them. EXECUTE THEM. Let the victim’s family do it.

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