They were going to hang every harm & death from COVID vax on Trump; Dems, CDC, NIH, FDA etc. were going to impeach him and do more; the media would have destroyed him as they now protect Biden et al.

by Paul Alexander

They knew what would have unfolded with the vaccine, its ineffectiveness, its driving of infection, its harms and deaths...they knew! You will learn what they knew. They were going to crucify him!

They knew what was going to unfold and he was going to wear it all.

They cover up the vaccine devastation today, the media and CDC and NIH etc. They drop deaths even. They work with the complicit media. If Trump were POTUS, each death would have been his to wear after the vaccine roll-out. They set him up good. In a weird way…him not xxxxxx, worked out better for him. It is theirs now, all he needs to do is to call it out, tell the world what Fauci and Birx did to his presidency, to the response, talk it out, tell it all, and tell us that the lockdowns were failures, do not praise it anymore, and then tell us that the vaccine must be stopped now and none in any child…call out the FDA…that all mandates must end now! Stand up Sir!

It's time POTUS Trump, it is time. Step up! You will gain so much credibility in this issue. You will win!