This corrupted DA Bragg has damaged race relations, the social structure, hurt America, damaged the justice system maybe irreparably, & the America I love seeks justice & all he did will be returned

by Paul Alexander

in kind, to wrong doers, other Presidents, speakers of the house, congress people who stood by and allowed this, senators, all, all must be on notice now you will be charged too and done same

why? because most are dirty and they know it…Trump is probably cleaner than most of them. this is about hurting him as to re-election but I think you ensured his re-election and if he could, I want him to rework the Justice system and punish all…harshly. make an example. spend his entire next term getting justice for all the COVID wrongs, up to vaccine and all those who run around as crooks themselves using the system to stay out of jail, punish them and put them in jail. I love eye for eye, and vengeance, and so does Trump so POTUS Trump, we back you, each thing they do to you, do them back and more. we support you. we return it in kind.

you have congress people entered congress making 50 K a year and now have 300-400 million and you want to tell me that they saved their salary? all these people are high-crime bandits in government and Trump’s problem is he played games with them. he should have jailed them all. all deserving jailing. investigate and if shown wrong, jail them. I hope you learnt Sir!