'This Fall’s Covid Variant Might Really Be Different; What to know about BA.2.86, or ‘pirola,’ from where it’s spreading to whether vaccines will work against it'; COVID Taliban, Pandemicists,

by Paul Alexander

lockdown lunatics, they are at it again with push to lock you down again this winter, to mask up but in February 2020 it was based on ALL lies, all of COVID was a lie, & still in August 2023, LIES!

They are begging you to believe them again, after the harms and deaths they caused. But we are not that stupid, we know what the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalpse did and they will not get away with it again. These people should be spat upon, as courts examine them properly. These people were and are criminals, all involved with trying to perpetuate this fraud again, this 100% COVID lie.